Mt. Province Election Results

Note: We will continue to update the results as soon as we get new data. In the meantime, you might want to share your thoughts on the lighter side of Cordillera politics.

UPDATE 8: Technical problems with Blogger/Blogspot prevented us from adding updates to this post, so we posted the final results for Mt. Province here. Thanks for visiting this blog. We hope you continue to visit us in the future. Meanwhile, you might want to join us in our playful attempt to put words in the mouths of our politicians here. In case you are interested in more election-related news from the Cordilleras, we have some links for you here. Lastly, you might want to read our post in honor of our kailiyans who died working for a peaceful election here.

UPDATE 7: Louis Claver is the Vice Governor-elect for Mt. Province. He beat incumbent Vice Governor Benjamin Dominguez for the post.

UPDATE 6 (17 May): If you are a supporter of incumbent Congressman Victor Dominguez [read his congressional work here and his assets and liabilities here], you can now celebrate because he is definitely going back to Congress. Same thing with supporters of incumbent Governor Maximo Dalog who was re-elected. If you are a non-supporter of either or both politicians, ket anya ngay ta daida met nan inbotos di ipogaw. If I am not mistaken, these would be the third consecutive term for both officials. This means that they cannot run again for the same position in the next elections but, of course, they can run in other positions. Congratulations to Dominguez and Dalog!

From Pagano via text message: Mayor-elects for the following towns in Mt. Province: Constito Masweng in Tadian, Donato Danglose in Sabangan, and Simon Lacwasan in Bauko. Municipal level results in the eastern town of Paracelis are under protest.

From Pagano via text message: Frank Odsey is the mayor-elect for the capital town of Bontoc while Johny Diaz is the vice mayor-elect. Meanwhile, in the gubernatorial race incumbent Governor Maximo Dalog is leading.

UPDATE 3 (16 May): Seems like Congressman Victor Dominguez is headed back to Congress. But then again, di pa tapos ang bilangan at bilog pa ang buwan. Anyway, from Gina Dizon via text message, here’s the partial unofficial result for the congressional race with the incumbent leading by about 5,500 votes: Victor Dominguez – 22, 382; Jupiter Dominguez – 16,720; Arnulfo Pilando – 12,651; Sario Malinias – 6,737. Votes from the eastern towns are not yet included.

I don’t think Jupiter will be able to overcome that big a difference (about 5,500 votes) to win over his uncle. But who knows, maybe he will.

In the town of Besao, Wellington Pooten won as mayor over the incumbent Bart Guzman. Meanwhile, here’s the complete results for Sagada: Vice Mayor – Jerry Ticag. Sangguniang Bayan members: Batane, Tambol, Padawil, Dontogan, Ngina, Capuyan, Tambiak, Dapliyan.

From reliable sources: In Sagada, Eduardo Latawan won over Dave Gulian by a wide margin. In the whole province, Jupiter Dominguez is leading over his uncle Victor but it’s still too early to call as results from the eastern towns have yet to be added.

FIRST POST: Will MontaƱosa remain a Dominguez country? Who will emerge victorious between Victor and Jupiter? Maybe neither of them? In Sagada, will Eduardo Latawan Jr. beat Dave Gulian? Will Cesar Rafael continue to rule in Paracelis?

We hope to have a clearer picture at the end of the day. Thanks.

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