Baguio Election Results

Note: We will continue to update the results as soon as we get new data. In the meantime, you might want to share your thoughts on the lighter side of Cordillera politics.

UPDATE 7: Technical problems with Blogger/Blogspot prevented us from adding updates these past few days so we posted the final results for Baguio City here. We hope you continue to visit us in the future. In the meantime, you might want to join us in our playful attempt to put words in the mouths of our Cordillera politicians here. Also, in case you are interested in more election-related news from the Cordilleras, we have some links for you here. Finally, you might want to read our post in honor of our kailiyans who died working for a peaceful election here.

UPDATE 6: Partial unofficial count from the PPCRV ss of 17 May, 3:47 pm covering 690 precincts. [Source: Inquirer/PDF File]

Mayoralty race
BAUTISTA, Reinaldo Jr. – 19744
YANGOT, Leandro Jr. – 13595
YARANON, Braulio – 12203
VERGARA, Bernardo – 10960
NEVADA, Elmo – 4470
LABO, Ramon – 2552
HERNANDEZ, Guillermo – 661
BAUTISTA, Virgilio – 543
RAMOS, Felipe – 270

UPDATE 5: Here’s the partial unofficial count of the PPCRV as of 16 May, 3:51 pm. [Source: Inquirer/PDF File]. Basically, there’s no difference with the COMELEC official count in terms of who is leading in the congressional and mayoralty races. In the vice-mayoralty race, Faustino Olowan overtakes Daniel FariƱas (who led in the earlier COMELEC tally) by about 1,000 votes.

Peter Rey might be preparing to uncork his champagne to celebrate since he is comfortably ahead in the mayoralty race. For his part, Domogan may have to wait for some time before he breathes a sigh of relief. Incidentally, you might want to read our first post on Domogan here. We certainly don’t like his being a GMA lackey but we are not blind to his achievements so don’t tell us we are biased šŸ™‚

Congressional race
DOMOGAN, Mauricio – 26151
MOLINTAS, Jose Mencio – 21104
KINDIPAN, Ramon – 405
TAYENGCO, Thomas – 269

Mayoralty race
BAUTISTA, Reinaldo Jr. – 15598
YANGOT, Leandro Jr. – 9543
YARANON, Braulio – 9394
VERGARA, Bernardo – 7924
NEVADA, Elmo – 3205
LABO, Ramon – 1715
BAUTISTA, Virgilio – 411
HERNANDEZ, Guillermo – 315
RAMOS, Felipe – 251

Vice mayoralty race
OLOWAN, Faustino – 6501
FARIƑAS, Daniel – 5446
ORTEGA, Roberto – 4999
TENEFRANCIA, Edilberto – 4575
DATUIN, Elmer – 4148
MASCAREƑAS, Antolin – 1709

UPDATE 4: From Sunstar Baguio, partial official results from the COMELEC as of 15 May, 6 pm. So kahapon pa ito but we are putting the figures here to give you an idea on how the various races are shaping up and also to illustrate how slow the canvassing is going on. This represents 16% of the city’s precincts or 118 out of 745 precincts .

Congressional race:
Mauricio Domogan – 6,412
Jose Molintas – 5,223
Ramon Kindipan – 63
Thomas Tayengco – 50

Mayoralty race
Peter Rey Bautista – 3,697
Braulio Yaranon – 2,347
Leandro Yangot Jr. – 2,161
Bernardo Vergara – 2,033
Elmo Nevada – 804
Ramon Labo Jr. – 463
Virgilio Bautista – 116 votes
Guillermo Hernandez – 43
Felipe Ramos – 10

Vice mayoralty race
Daniel FariƱas – 2,930
Roberto Ortega – 2,700
Faustino Olowan – 2,613
Edilberto Tenefrancia – 2,159
Elmer Datuin – 1,174
Antolin MascareƱas – 67

For the 12 City Council seats
Rocky Thomas Balisong – 5,467
Galo Weygan – 5,390
Betty Lourdes Tabanda – 5,348
Perlita Chan-Rondez – 5,191
Nicasio Aliping Jr. – 5,148
Antonio Tabora Jr. – 4,781
Erdolfo Balajadia – 4,548
Richard CariƱo – 4,143
Nicasio Palaganas – 4,069
Isabelo Cosalan Jr. – 4,002
Elaine Sembrano – 3,679
Julius Mandapat – 3,495

Others who could still make it to the magic 12 considering the competitiveness of this race:
Fred Bagbagen – 3,463
Edgardo Bilog – 3,462
Michael Fianza – 2,678
Richard Zarate – 2,526
Roi David – 2,377
Reynaldo Cortes – 2,376
Gaspar Cayat – 2,244
Pio Velasco – 2,119
Jose Taguba – 2,085
Perfecto Itliong Jr. – 2,034
Albert Della – 1,925

UPDATE 3 (16 May): Via text from a kailiyan in Baguio: Looks like Peter Rey Bautista is going to win the mayoralty race. Still, as we’ve often said here, hindi pa tapos ang bilangan and its better to have the COMELEC declare him as the winner before we likewise do it here. Vice mayoralty candidate Daniel FariƱas is looking like he is also going to win.

In the hotly contested race for the City Council (50 candidates vying for 12 seats), the following made it to the top 10 (tamad itong friend ko he didn’t text the top 12 eh): Rocky Balisong, Betty Tabanda, Galo Weygan, Perlita Rondez, Nicasio Aliping, Antonio Tabora, Erdolfo Balajadia, Nicasio Palaganas, Isabelo Cosalan, Richard Carino. Aba mga taga Baguio ayaw nila kay Roi Vinzon. Will update as soon as we get the additional names.

: Leading the canvass are: Mauricio Domogan in the congressional race; Peter Rey Bautista in the mayoralty race; Daniel FariƱas in the vice mayoralty race. Canvassing is being held at the Baguio Convention Center. [Source: Cordillera Online.] The trend and the final result might change because the canvassing is still going on. Kumbaga, the ball is still round, the game is not yet over, and the fat lady is not about to sing. Aaargh what cliches!

UPDATE 1: No results yet but you might want to read this story about the distribution of P100,000 worth of insurance cards by candidates to some board of election inspectors in Brgy. Sto. Tomas. Does this act qualify as vote buying? You bet it does.

FIRST POST: It’s too early to call but reliable sources say that incumbent Rep. Mauricio Domogan is leading Jose Molintas by about 6,000 votes. Ay sayang no maabak ti kandidato ni Trublue.

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  1. Tamad nga iyang friend texter mo. Bribe him na lang, say Hello Friend??, I take you to dinner tonight? Make sure your texter has Jack Carino in the Magic 14, I’m certain Jack got all da votes of the Pony Boys and Hilltop votes, how can he lose? Cheers…

  2. Hi Trublue,
    Haha. Tama ka diyan. Or di niya alam na top 14 ang city council. But I’m also not sure if 14 nga talaga, will have to double check on that. Hindi yata makakapasok si Jack, parang hindi yata nagregister or bumoto mga Pony Boys eh.

  3. 12 konsehals lang ang kailangan but I was also hoping he makes it to 13 or 14. For JoMo, it ain’t over yet, maybe there’s a miracle out there. Haaaay, dios mio…will comment na lang pag talagan talo na..goodhealth.

  4. Hi Trublue,
    Thanks for the info re council seats. Mukhang malabo si Jack based on the official COMELEC results. But its really too early to tell considering that its just 16% of the precincts and na-canvass.

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