Abra Election 2007 Results

Note: We will continue to update the results as soon as we get new data. In the meantime, you might want to share your thoughts on the lighter side of Cordillera politics.

UPDATE 8: Now that the election canvass in Abra is almost over, we’d like to thank you for visiting this blog. We hope that you will continue to visit us in the future. Meanwhile, you might want to join us in our playful attempt to put words in the mouths of our Cordillera politicians here. In case you are interested in more election-related news from our region, we have some links for you here. Lastly, you might want to read our post in honor of our kailiyans who died working for a peaceful election here.

UPDATE 7 (19 May): Takit Bersamin was officially proclaimed as the new Governor of Abra after he defeated Ma. Zita Valera with a comfortable margin (about 22,ooo votes). In the congressional race, it’s still a toss-up between Cessy Luna and Vicsyd Valera with Luna leading by only 737 votes. The results in Tineg (which has 2, 987 voters) will determine who will be Abra’s Congressman/Congresswoman. Now, if you are looking for the results in Abra’s mayoralty races, Frank Cimatu has the goods here.

UPDATE 6 (17 May): Partial unofficial results (as of 16 May, 1 p.m.) from the PPCRV covering 18 towns. In the gubernatorial race, Takit Bersamin is ahead by a comfortable margin (about 20,000 votes) while in the congressional race Cesy Luna is ahead by only about 200 votes. [Source: Inquirer/PDF file] The congressional race really is a hot contest isn’t it? Let’s see who prevails in the end.

Gubernatorial race
BERSAMIN, Eustaquio – 49202
VALERA, Ma. Zita – 27942

Vice gubernatorial race
BAROÑA, Victorino Jr. – 24873
PARUGGANAN, Ramon – 17769
DUMASEN, Marlyn – 11662

Congressional race
LUNA, Cecilia – 19409
VALERA, Vicente – 19186
VALERA, GIL – 11791
MOLINA, Mailed – 5957

UPDATE 5: From the Philippine Daily Inquirer: Abra gubernatorial candidate Eustaquio Bersamin said he did not expect that he would lead by a wide margin against his rival, Bangued Mayor Ma. Zita Valera.

“I did not expect this to be lopsided,” said Bersamin, brother of slain Abra Rep. Luis Bersamin Jr. Bersamin said he was leading by about 20,000 votes over Valera, citing the monitoring done by his camp. Partial and unofficial results from the PPCRV count showed Bersamin getting 36,390 votes while Valera got 19,187. “My brother won this for me,” Bersamin said.

Congressman Bersamin was shot dead with his bodyguard last Dec. 16 in Quezon City. Valera’s husband, Abra Gov. Vicente Valera, was implicated in the murder as the alleged mastermind but the governor had denied his involvement. In the lone congressional race, PPCRV figures showed Vicente Valera with 13,268 votes, trailing Lagayan Mayor Cecilia Luna, who had 14,917.

UPDATE 4 (16 May): The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) proclaimed four winning mayoral candidates: Placido Eduarte Jr. of Tayum, Geraldine Balbuena of Peñarrubia, Marjorie Lagen of Villaviciosa, and Noel Castillo of Langiden. Source: Inquirer.

Meanwhile, as of 1:00 pm yesterday the partial unofficial results for the gubernatorial and congressional races are as follows:

Cecy Luna 18,798
Vicente Valera 15,959
Gil Valera 11,327
Mailed Molina 4,057

Takit Bersamin 41,946
Ching Valera 22,278
[Source: Abrenian.com]

UPDATE 3: This is not an update on the results but simply to point out to you an interesting article on the strange world of Abra politics where a mayor is running against his wife, a father against his son, and a son against his mother. Read the full story at the Northern Philippine Times.

As of 9 am today (15 May) Takit Bersamin is leading over Ching Valera by 7,000 votes in the gubernatorial race. In the congressional race, Cesy Luna is leading by a very slim 1,000 votes over Vicente Valera. It’s still anybody’s game. Source here.

Meanwhile, in the town of Manabo, incumbent Mayor Masayo Domasing won over his opponent. In the vice mayoralty race, Arturo Gayao easily beat his opponent. Source here.

Final unofficial results in the town of Luba, Abra. Source Abrenian.com.

Luba mayoralty race
1 BISCARRA, Marcelo A. 1727 — Mayor-Elect
2 SAOADAN, Federico G. 1585

Vice Mayoralty race
1 DUMAGUING, Leonardo C. 1803 — Vice Mayor-Elect
2 WATIL, Domingo T. 1435

1 SIBLON, Fernando S. 2138
2 DAOATEN, Romero S. 1935
3 MARTINEZ, Crispin T. 1832
4 GABAOEN, Osias B. 1633
5 DAMUASEN, Dionisio J. 1574
6 DAOILI, Romeo C. 1510
7 BAYUDANG, Delfin A. 1476
8 SAYEN, Alejandrino A. 1397

UPDATE 1: In Dolores, Abra ballot boxes and election returns were snatched by unidentified men who fired at a power transformer to cause a black-out. When the power was restored, the ballot boxes and election returns were discovered to be missing. Yaiks ano ba yan? The forces of evil are at work again to thwart the will of the people. More here.

FIRST POST: Are we seeing the end of the Valera dynasty in Abra? It’s too early to call but there are hopeful indicators that this would be the case. Partial unofficial results at Abrenian.com. We will post more updates here as we receive reports from the ground. Thanks.

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  1. Abra politics is so dirty. I wonder why the locals put up with it? That’s why it’s the most backward Cordi province…

  2. Hi Nashman,
    Idagdag na rin natin na politics there is deadly. Medyo madami death count this election round. I won’t call it the most backward though. Maybe the highland towns are, but the lowland towns are doing alright. Its no match for Benguet though (but of course no province matches Benguet, top yata yan sa HDI ranking hehe). Hoping that Bersamin’s and Luna’s lead will hold.

  3. surely, the point has arrived where the abrenians are sick of these people???? We should assemble our army of the willing and invade it and topple their saddamic-system….:D

  4. LOL. Baka naman we get stuck there like the way the U.S. is now stuck in Iraq. Keeping fingers crossed that politics in Abra will change for the better para we don’t get into an invasion scenario hehe.

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