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Here’s more information on Jaylord Langbayan, the 16 year old kid who is going to participate in a United Nations special session on children. Read more about him in our first post. Now, here’s some info on where he comes from.

Jaylord Langbayan, boy, 16 years old
Jaylord is a senior student at Dipaculao National High School. He was born in Cainta, Rizal, where he spent the first seven years of his life. His parents worked at the nearby ceramics factory, but when the factory closed down, the family relocated to Mucdol, Dipaculao, in the province of Aurora, where his father’s uncle lent them a piece of land to till. His mother now works as a housekeeper and his father as a farmer.

Jaylord and his family had to adapt to a different environment after their relocation. But two years into the move, they became acquainted with the work of World Vision and their lives changed. His mother turned from a plain housewife to an active leader and Jaylord became a child leader in his community. He was elected as the Chairperson of the Luzon Coalition of Children’s Association of the Philippines (LuCCAP) and represents Luzon children in National Coalition of Children’s Association of the Philippines. His group advocates for four priority issues: Child Participation, Child Protection, Environment, Peace and Order. They are also trying to build a child friendly community.

Jaylord wants to be a Social Worker and a responsible writer and journalist.


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  1. hello
    this is jaylord langbayan..i would like to inform you all that going to new york to represent our country to such an event like the UN general assembly is a very great achivement for me..
    eventhough i know that i really did not solve totally the problems of the children in our community but at least i speak ur for and inbehalf of the children….
    thank you……and im so delighted for this GOD’s Graces and Blessings…. GODBLESS TO ALL>..

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