This Land is Your Land

The earlier post on land grabbing in Baguio reminded me of Woody Guthrie’s song, This Land is Your Land. You can read more about the song at Rex Pe’s blog. You can also read more info on Woody Guthrie, one of my favorite singers, at

For me, what’s most interesting in the song is the part that goes:

As I went walking I saw a sign there
And on the sign it said “No Trespassing.”

If we are not alert, we will be seeing “No trespassing” signs all over the Cordilleras.

I’m not sure if it’s still there but I once saw (and was shocked to see) a “No trespassing” sign in my beloved St. Mary’s School. Apparently, you are not allowed to pass through the school’s hallowed grounds if you are not enrolled as a student. It may be good for the school but it destroys the sense of community which Sagada is also famous for.


3 thoughts on “This Land is Your Land”

  1. I know this certain woman named “Salud” who had the habbit of grabbing land not even her own, the guts, my gosh. She had the nerve to steal someone else’s land and share them with her very dependent children who were never prodded to go to school because their livelihood was on land grabbing, hehehe…^^need i elaborate?

  2. i remember the malapiat case in rizal while reading this post.. a while ago, officers of the Kalinga provincial tourism council are being inducted at 501st Brigade and i am one of those being elected as the youngest Board of Directors…I remember discussing the point with the officers with regards to land grabbing and squatting..then suddenly nabasa ko yung article ni col morales about tourism that is sometimes annoying..i will publish it soon hehe…

  3. Hi Lord,
    Thanks. It would be interesting to know how she became like that ano? Is it greed? Poverty? Envy? Heheh. Okay lang sana kung yung lupa ni First Gentleman sa Negros ang kanyang “igrab”. Thanks.

    Hi Nats,
    Thanks. The Malapiat case is really tragic, no?

    Bilib talaga ako sa iyo, ah. Daming community involvements. Looking forward to reading that tourism article 🙂

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