Igorot Achiever: Eric Salvador

One of our new commenters, Thoroughbred (welcome to this blog and thank you for the tip), wrote about Eric Salvador in his/her comment here, so we went a-looking for information about Eric. But first, here’s what Thoroughbred wrote in case you missed it:

Another proud Igorot achiever I know, is Roderick “Eric” Salvador from Lomon, Kapangan, Benguet. He won Mr. Philippines (not the body building competition but the male version of BB. Pilipinas).

He co-hosted in GMA 7’s show hosted by “Kuya Germs” in preparation for the Mr. World competition. He also co-hosted a North Luzon wide show for ABS-CBN, I think it was entitled “Northern Catch”. After he won Mr. Philippines, he was offered to do a sexy film but he turned it down.

Go Kapangan! Thanks again, Thoroughbred. Now, here’s a picture of Eric which we found here.

Splasher also blogged about Eric here confirming the fact that he was Mr. Philippines 1999. We also learn that he starred in Abong, a movie about an Igorot Nikkeijin which we still haven’t seen but hope to see.

UPDATE: Oops, we also found more pictures in this blog (which may not be safe for work). Check out some of the pictures after the jump.

PHOTO CREDIT: Pageant News and Mancentral.

33 thoughts on “Igorot Achiever: Eric Salvador”

  1. wheew!gud work sir!matagal na akong naghahanap ng pic niya eversince i heard his name.nung 200 pa.college pa ako nun.hmmm…tagal na nun ah.so proud of you sir eric.wish all is well wherever you are.

  2. mas bagay niya ang “disente” image(i.e. coat and tie)kesa sa mga nakakabaklang nipple-revealing pose sa ibang photos.

    ang mga taga-kapangan, talagang gwaping ano.

  3. what is mr. eric salvador doing these days?

    anonymous, are you sure kapangan guys are all as good-looking as him?…just kidding.

  4. heard about him many years back.jaz like anon 9:49 (during my collegio days=).had classmates way back.who were from kapangan and they might have told me abt. him pero forgot all abt. it=).
    malapit lang kami sa lomon and years back we (i mean,people from mah barrio) go there to buy and sell things (until now pa pala=).

    i am also wondering about that te K…hmmm.what’s he doin’ in HK?didn’t he graduate law?hehe..dami kwestiyons=)

    anon 3:46:gwaping da a no ‘agdisente’ da met..hehehe.but i agree with you, he sure look better w/ more clothes on than with less of ’em;)

    yuhoo! yan intoy kad-am ngay sir eric (xencia TH kankana-ey ko)!hehe..pinagkakaguluhan ka na dito…lol (xak sa lang gayam…)

  5. bill,

    kindly look into Philippine Daily Inquirer & Philippine Star (2 January) articles on “promotion of 30 military officers”. Kasama diyan si Maj Gen Nelson Allaga (from Ifugao) to Lt. General and Col Rommel Gomez (from Bontoc & Sagada) to Brig General. Achievers too! Congratulations sa kanila. Salamat po!

  6. I am actually looking for Erik Salvador’s contact info…He is a good friend of mine and I have lost contact with him. I am now living abroad and I have no idea how to get in touch with him. Hopefully somebody can help me.

  7. Eric’s mom was my teacher way back when I studied in Lomon Kapangan. We’ve meet in several occasions as I do partime in the modelling industry here in Manila, lost contact with him as well, and would like to get his contact for him to try commercials as well. I think he just need a good Modelling company and handler. Very proud to be from Kapangan…studied there from elementary till high school. Now I’m full time as one of the young managers in Manila in the big corporate world.. and I second the motion that Kapangan guys are mostly goodlooking ozzing with appeal. Just shared how truly goodlooking, talented and capable we are! cheers!

  8. I want to know who you are centralkapangan, that is interesting that you made it to the big corporate world in Manila, good job and so proud of you, you could be a neighbor then when you studied in Lomon Kapangan.

  9. hi eric… how are you na???… you know kahit hangang ngayon im so very proud parin ako sayo… at pinag mamalaki kita d2 sa bansang italia roma…. so ingat lagi at i always pray 4 you… godbless…

  10. thanks for all the nice comments about erik. don’t you worry guys i’ll make sure he will be wearing more clothes on coz I so agree with your opinion. 🙂

  11. You guys always mention that he is from Kapangan, he’s also from Mountain Province

  12. hi everybody! im a friend of eric’s. we met in manila thru a cousin. i work in manila too im not from kapangan but certainly 100% igorota from baguio. my folks are originally from kibungan. eric is now a successful businessman, i am not that close to him but my cousin is. he supports local projects for the youth like i do. to all of you who has success stories, lets pay it forward. lets join our hands in supporting the education of the youth of cordillera…

  13. Ka work ko dati yung wife nya. He is a happy family man now. Gwaping din yung anak nilang lalaki, mukhang may susunod sa yapak nya. 😀

  14. I want to meet you mr. Eric Salvador. Maybe you already forgoten about my mom, but she never forgoten you. Gusto ko lang naman masagot lahat ng tanong ko. Dahil hanggang ngayon isang malaking question mark pa rin ang identity ko.. Siguro kilala mo na ako o nagkaroon ka ng clue kung sino ang mom ko, sana kahit isang minuto lng kilalanin mo akong anak mo at hndi multo ng kahapon. 15 years old na po ako,

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