More Election 2007 News

Here are some links just in case you would like to read more election-related news from the Cordillera boondocks.

Fun stuff:
You see! All that coin tossing you did as a kid is valuable after all. To decide who between two candidates with the same number of votes would sit in the Bontoc municipal council, our favorite COMELEC officer Mary Umaming tossed a coin and Brian Bellang, who chose heads, won. Story by Desiree Caluza here.

Congratulations to Brian. Our condolence to the one who lost, Benjamin Ngeteg. This practice is, of course, provided by law but we still kinda feel sorry for Benjamin. Maybe our lawmakers can come up with a more equitable way of breaking ties like this. What about equal vote-getters splitting the term? Let’s give them each a chance to sit in the council (or in any other elective position).

Bong Cawed, you are our idol for voting “dressed” in your g-string/loincloth and making the news here (although you were misidentified as an “aborigine”) and here and we’re sure many others too.

“Wow, Abra lived up to its reputation as an election hot spot” links:
More troops are being deployed in Abra to contain election related violence. Story here.
Barangay chief killed after spat with aide of a mayoralty bet. Story here.
Wife of Tineg mayor almost killed.
Army lieutenant and six soldiers killed.
At marami pang ibang election related violence.

“Wow, Benguet lived up to its reputation as the most peaceful province in the Cordilleras” stuff:
We haven’t heard of any bad election-related incidents in Benguet so far and we hope it stays that way. There’s been no reported incidents in Ifugao either and we also hope it stays that way. Similarly, there’s been no reported incidents in Apayao but most incumbents there ran unopposed so that’s somewhat expected.

“Wow, patronage politics is now in Baguio” links:
First there was this report that some election inspectors received insurance cards from Mauricio Domogan’s Lakas party. Story here. This prompted Domogan to issue the lamest political quote of the year: “[The insurance project] is not even mine but the party’s.” Hay, Manong Mauricio listen to yourself, will you. Only a “trapo” would make a statement like that.

Then some canvassers turned out to be members of Lakas. Story here.

Other links:
Ballot snatching in Buringal, Paracelis report by Dexter See here. Yaiks. This ballot snatchers are so ’80s in the way they cheat. Mas bilib pa ako sa simpleng dagdag-bawas in the election returns; it’s less risky and you can add more votes pa sa inyong kandidato.

Vote buying in Mt. Province report here (scroll down to the middle of the article). Choice quote from a Maligcong woman: “Why are you forcing me to take this money? Are you forcing me to sell my vote?”

We will update with more links in the future in case we find other interesting reads. Thanks.


7 thoughts on “More Election 2007 News”

  1. How Bong Cawed “became chief” of the Aborigines of the Bontoc Tribe is beyond me (hope most of da ifontoks agree with me on this). He never wore da g-strings when he first emigrated in this lovely city years ago, then all of a sudden…Publicity hound maybe? could be. Something brewing in the near future as an elective official? maybe. His wearing it is great, don’t get me wrong, it’s his motive that I question. Cheers.

  2. yeah he looked bloody ridicoloous
    whatz up bong you wanna be in da politics too ehh;;; in bontoc no one wanted to know you so good luck!!!!

  3. how on earth did he become the bontoc aborigines chief??????it still fresh on my mind how he treated my people when they go past the old cawed hotel ,him and his siblings and cousins jeered on the igorots carrying “lumeng” going past the said hotel, i can still remember how they chucked stones at those hard working igos so paleese mr cawed stop wearing those gstrings coz you are just a pretentious human being or are uyou???????

  4. Anonymous 3:01 and 3:31, I’m very pleased you agreed with me. What you said were true. Most or maybe all of his siblings and him were snubbish coz they were rich then. Me and my older sister only patronized da “Cafe” in their hotel many years ago coz it was owned by ISagadan. He’s trying to make a name for himself in Baguio at the expense of da Igorot Costume and I don’t think it will work. He was not loved in his own hometown, how much more in Baguio?
    Peace and goodhealth…

  5. Hi TruBlue and Anonymouses,
    Seems like I expressed my admiration of him too soon ano? Didn’t know that he was a snob in the past. Thanks.

  6. it is really sad how bong cawed been owning up as an igorot chiefteain. as far as i know, he’d never be recognized in any igorot tribe. he’s may be a muslim warlord.

  7. Kaiilian agpayso amin nan comments yo panggep kenne _____g. i was a fresh high school in Bontoc central then, coming from Lepanto Elem. School,i witnessed a guy who used to be speeding back and fort with his loud big motorcycle,(baka pay HARLEY DAVIDSON didiay)from their Hotel to the Municipyo then to the Market place,being 11 yrs.then,i thought wow the owner of Bontoc Street,now after 36 years past, still that foto remains

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