Funny Videos [5]: Cell Phone

Let’s continue with our installment of funny videos produced by our kailiyans. This one is about the Filipino’s favorite gadget and how your ehem can discover whatever secrets you keep in that darned cellphone. The singer’s advice: Throw your cellphones away. Kind of a tough advice but a good one if only to save your relationship, no? Or you might learn to use codes that your wife/husband/lover/boyfriend/girlfriend/etc. can’t decipher. [Note: We are not endorsing infidelity okay? Besides, cheaters go to hell.]

Video courtesy of Dharvanille; produced by Shapadoya Records. Previous funny videos: Way to Go Kiddo; Funny or Offensive; Manny Pacquiao of La-Trinidad; Teachers.

2 thoughts on “Funny Videos [5]: Cell Phone”

  1. Not a singer (you kidding!!) or kent even play da guitar but I’ve always said that a guitar, drums, and a good soloist is all it takes to be a great musician..this guy is a winner! Bill, if you surf to BIBAK San Diego, there’s five great videos (songs) in that site, this was one of them….cheers!!

  2. Hi TruBlue,
    Thanks for the tip. Haven’t visited that site for a while. It’s about time to visit it again.

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