List of Winners: Cordillera Region

Something weird is going on with Blogger/Blogspot because it no longer allows changes in previous posts, thus we can no longer add updates to the provincial results. Because of this, we are putting the most recent results from the Cordilleras here in a common post. These updates are courtesy of the bibaknets-yahoogroup forwarded to us by one of its members.

BAGUIO CITY Results/Complete Tally (For previous updates on Baguio, click here.)
1. Domogan, Mauricio 47,488
2. Molintas, Jose 37,865

1. Bautista, Reinaldo Jr. 26,910
2. Yangot, Leandro Jr 17,647
3. Yaranon, Braulio 16,148
4. Vergara, Bernardo 14,441
5. Nevada, Elmo 5,903

Vice Mayor
1. Farinas, Daniel 21,709
2. Olowan, Faustino 20,416
3. Ortega, Roberto 18,738
4. Tenefrancia, Edilberto 15,029

1. Balisong, Rocky Thomas 42,159
2. Tabanda, Betty Lourdes 39,675
3. Weygan, Galo Dapiosen 39,087
4. Rondez, Perlita Chan 38,233
5. Aliping, Nicasio Jr. 37,284
6. Tabora, Antonio 34,799
7. Balajadia, Erdolfo 31,770
8. Palaganas, Nicasio 30,229
9. Cosalan, Isabelo Jr 29,295
10. Carino, Richard 28,741
11. Bagbagen, Fred 26,465
12. Sembrano, Elaine 25,773

BENGUET (For previous updates on Benguet, click here.)
Congressman: Samuel Dangwa
Governor: Nestor Fongwan
Vice-Governor: Cresencio Pacalso

Mayor: Artemio Galwan
Vice-Mayor: Sammy Esguerra
Councilors: 1. Salda; 2. Botiwey; 3. Literato; 4. Chamos; 5. Lee; 6. Tacio; 7. Selmo ; 8. Loy-odan

Mayor: Canuto
Vice-Mayor: Lorenzo
Councilors: 1. Fermin; 2. Canuto; 3. Dumaguing; 4. Dizon; 5. Teofilo; 6. Benitez; 7. Basigan; 8. Camhit

Mayor: Mauricio Macay
Vice-Mayor: Tomas Wales
Councilors: 1. Anton; 2. Sanchez; 3. Joseph; 4. Max Camado; 5. Cuilan; 6. Kindao; 7. Olas; 8. Basco

Mayor: Concepcion Balao
Vice Mayor: A. Bodong
Councilors: 1. Alos; 2. Tiwtiw; 3. Lay-at; 4. Oras; 5. Galao; 6. Pa-ang; 7. Tumayan; 8. Sarac

Mayor: Mario Godio
Vice Mayor: Noel Ngolob
Councilors: 1. Carantes; 2. Acay; 3. Fianza; 4. Waclin; 5. Galiega; 6. Lictag; 7. Pacio; 8. Camantiles

IFUGAO (Other list of elected officials can be found here)
Provincial Board Members
District I: 1. Jose Gullitiw; 2. Robert Humiwat; 3. LucioAyahao, Jr.; 4. Rodolfo Dulnuan
District II: 1. Joseph Odan; 2. Clemente Bongtiwon; 3. Samson Atluna; 4. Aldrin Guingayan

Mayor: Charles Cattiling

Mayor: Ceasar Cabbigat

ABRA updates here and also at
MT. PROVINCE updates can be found here and the final results here.
KALINGA election updates can be found at the KalingaTambayan.
APAYAO results are here.

Thanks everyone for visiting this blog. We hope you continue to join us here in the future. Sige na, let’s all join hands monitoring our elected government officials. Gayahin natin ang ating kailiyan na si Pura Sumangil sa Abra.

2 thoughts on “List of Winners: Cordillera Region”

  1. Reckon that’s “Bonda”. She looks more docile than “Bondo”..hehe..
    Congratulations to all da winners who didn’t cheat!
    How da PNP declared this “election”
    as very peaceful can’t be taken with a grain of pillar, ehem, I mean salt!! With over a hundred dead, ONE TOO MANY is how I look at it.

  2. Hi Trublue,
    Yup that’s Bonda, our guard dog against bad politicians/government officials hehe. Yup, that PNP claim is stupid and is an outright lie. I haven’t witnessed an election as bad as this since Marcos’ time.

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