Max and Gloria Sitting in a Tree

Huh, Governor Dalog can we stop this boot licking already. It is unbecoming of you. Gloria is a cheat and a corrupt “President”. Do not use the barangay officials of Mt. Province to prop her up.

By the way, are anyone of you wondering why the government is not doing anything to stop the continued smuggling of vegetables? A very reliable source told us that the reason for this is that Gloria’s husband, Mike Arroyo, gets the bulk of the grease money that smugglers give to Customs officials. What about that?

The farmers of Bauko, the Governor’s hometown, and the wider Benguet-Mt Province vegetable belt are losing their livelihood because of Mike Arroyo and yet the Mt. Province governor ass-kisses Gloria. Where’s the pride, Guv?

I think I said somewhere that Gloria should be credited for giving some attention to the Cordilleras but this should not blind us to her corruption. More importantly, we should not use barangay officials to prop up a corrupt regime. They are there to serve their barangay constituents not Gloria and her thieving husband.

Click below to read what raised my hackles hehe.

Mt Province gov rallies barangay officials to support PGMA
From the PIA/Andrew Doga-ong:
BONTOC, Mt. Province (22 February) — Governor Maximo Dalog rallied the barangay officials here to give their full support to President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (PGMA) amid renewed calls for the President to resign in the wake of alleged corruption in the government.

Dalog made the call during the two-day separate orientation and consultation of barangay officials from the 144 barangays of the province held at the Ridge Brooke Hotel and Restaurant on February 20 and 21.

Explaining his call for support, Dalog said it is only the incumbent President that showed concern and sensitivity to the needs of the people of Mountain Province.

Dalog, who also chaired the Regional Development Council, cited the about P3 Billion poured by the current administration for the improvement of major roads leading to Mt. Province. He said, although there is a little problem in its implementation, the crucial concreting of the Mount Data – Bontoc and the Bontoc – Banaue national road of the Halsema Highway, the Bontoc – Tabuk road, all flagship projects of the President in the Cordilleras and the Sabangan – Cervantes road will immensely usher in the development of the people and the communities.

Dalog also mentioned the various hunger mitigation programs the province received from the present administration.

It is only this administration that we experience better economic growth and the value of the peso against the dollar is getting stronger, Dalog stressed.

The Provincial Chief Executive believes that PGMA is the number one tourism promoter saying the frequent visit of the President to Mt. Province perked up tourism industry of the province.

Earlier, the League of Provinces/Governors of the Philippines through a manifesto expressed their unwavering and wholehearted support to the President while members of the Cabinet took a “solidarity walk” with the President to also show their solidarity and unwavering support to her and the present administration.

Reacting to the criticisms against the President, Dalog said these are part of democratic exercise which allows freedom of expression adding that through this free expression, we will be able to know and perhaps galvanize things for the betterment of our country. (PIA MP)

6 thoughts on “Max and Gloria Sitting in a Tree”

  1. I do not understand why the Governor has to crow about the the “BILLIONS” that the “current administration” has poured towards the improvement of major roads leading to the Province….the hunger mitigation programs….How much of the 3 BILLION was TRULY spent on the roads? How much was pocketed by you know who? And, it is the job of any administration (getting to malacanang by “hook or by crook”) to improve roads because that is what it is being paid for. Was it not said in the province, “faar si takho” nan elected officials? We do not owe anything to administration. We do not know anything to the president. We are paying her (and any GOVernment official for that matter)and if something goes wrong in the way she works (aka, calling “garci”) then the president should not be supported in her bid to stay in power. Local executives may find it in common sense not just to “blindly support” such president but help pave the way for an honest to goodness probe. If found in the wrong, boot the president out! If not, Ate Glue her into office!…By the way, how much does it cost to express support to the president nowadays? (magkano ba?)…By the way again, a highly-positioned official of the Cordillera Region said, “Ah! ni Guv u a ket mahilig ti singin nga project…”….What was that again?

  2. Given the history of these courrupt sannamagans who are drunk with power, it doesn’t surprise me a bit that Mike “the thieving” First Husband is on the take regarding the vegetable smuggling. Only the blind cannot see that.I didn’t need a “reliable source” to let me know that. These kuraputs have no conscience at all.

  3. they are all corrupt!! i admit arroyo, lozada, erap who is convicted, neri etc….but i am still pro arroyo.why? because he is the most intelligent corrupt of them all.the most intelligent i might say….i appreciate lozada saying what he thinks is true if only he has the guts to admit that he is a part of a corrupt system..bayot ka lozada!!! why other people praise you as hero while in fact you are a part of a corrupt system..i am not pro or anti, resign or what..but i just want not to make this country being replaced again by another corrupt…!!!!!

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    Agree with you there, dapat “faar ti takho” talaga itong mga officials. Thanks.

    Hi djanggoroti,
    Hehe. Then Gloria says, “Swing in the branch”. Max says, “How fast do you want me to swing?”

    Thanks 🙂

    Hi Nats,
    Agreed. Corruption is too entrenched in our system. Ako pro-Gloria resign ako because I’m tired of her sour, scheming face hehe.

  5. Max and Gloria
    Can still sing Hallelujah
    Although they descend from tree & give up power
    I think they can still afford a million dinner

    Call me pro and contra. I may agree with the incumbent Gov. of Mp that the incumbent president have shown concern in MP. Alone upon seeing the improvement of MP now. The said improvement is belittled but: BETTER LITTLE THAN NOTHING or better a “bil-lit-sinas in your hands than a dove that does not alight on your shoulder. Neither! The cry of “corrupt”is common in this very demanding world we are living in.

    I tell U story. That was maybe 3 years ago. We had a”blow-out dinner.” As thanks of her Doctorate. We ate: Laing, pancit, adobo and rice of course. Few guest introduced themselves as people from Malacanang and we came into conversation. Jokingly I said; “Why this agricultural country import agricultural product? We Igo..are bankrut.” One gawped the other and said; “It was the idea of the First gentleman . . this shall be corrected.” One have overthrown this topic then bombard my husband and me questions about Germany.

    Now, in this blog I met again this problem. Those who are concerns in this blog, remain a good watchdog. I further observe.

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