8 thoughts on “Filipina For Obama”

  1. Agree with Lovelyn, she’s not a kailian. She’s full of energy and enthusiasm for Obama which is good. If he is the standard bearer for the dems, Obama can only win the powerful post in the world with a solid, solid support from the Hispanics, blacks and all the minority groups setting aside their right-winger agendas.
    Hilary is a hag but she’ll be better than McCain the growler.

  2. Hi Lovelyn,
    Hindi ba? Seems like my Igorot detection meter is not working properly hehe. Maybe she just reminds me of a friend who talks like that. Thanks.

    Hi Obama,
    Hehe 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    Thanks. Hope he makes it despite the odds 🙂 And now you have to factor in Ralph Nader in the race.

  3. Nader surely has some small but dedicated disciples
    to swing their votes either way. Which candidate he favors is only known to him. I’ll wait and see who’s gonna throw a pie in his face, left-winger or rightist.

  4. I don’t like those pie-throwers. I think Nader has done many great things and he doesn’t deserve that. Now if it was somebody else….. hehe

  5. yep! i guess the girl in the video is not an igorot BUT she posesses the igorot trait “energetic”!!! hehe!
    Lets go for Obama! try another “recipe”. Im perfectly aware Obama will win because He is endorsed by “OPRAH”!!!!!!!!!

  6. they will both make history if whoever wins.. pero i’ll bet for clinton..i just don’t want to repeat the history of US in vietnam where lives have been sacrificed only in the end the next president withdrawed the war..I’ll go for the side of dead soldiers in Iraq and afghanistan, the living should give justice to the dead..I am not pro war but the damaged has been done..if obama wins and withdrawed US troops, the sadest moment for the soul of dead soldiers..and non dying conscience for their living comrades… 20% of vietnam war veterans who witnessed the death of their comrade being killed on the field committed suicide..Obama can’t speak of war because indi pa nya nasubukan while clinton his wife is a world war 2 veteran.. former pres clinton is being shutdown while piloting a fighter jet and he survived in WW2..watch history channel..

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