The List: More on Julian Chees

Do you remember Julian Chees? To refresh your memory, Chees is an iFontok who’s made a name for himself in the world of karate. He made it to the 6th installment of our List of Achievers where we stated that our kailiyan has won several karate titles.

Not a lot of us know about Chees’ exploits because he was representing Germany (where he is based and where he is known as kleine Phillippino) when he won his many titles.

Anyway, Chees made the news again when he captured his second world karate title last month. According to Ramon Dacawi, our kailiyan “captured the individual kata (formal exercise) in the seniors’ division of the World Championships in Bergamo, Italy. It was his second world title, coming 14 years after he topped the open event in the 1993 World Shotokan Championships in Saarbrucken, Germany as member of the German national team.” Read the full story here.

If you want to see more pictures of Julian Chees, visit our earlier post of him here.

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