Boon Award: La Trinidad Mayor Artemio Galwan

So here’s our first awardee for the Boon Award: Mayor Artemio Galwan of La Trinidad Benguet. Why does he deserve this award? Because he rejected the plan of barangay captains to operate bingo in the municipality. [If you are wondering why we are suddenly giving out awards, read this one.]

From a report by Jane Cadalig in Sunstar:

“It (‘bingo sa barangay’) is practically gambling. Why engage in questionable forms of fund-raising activities when we can raise money through other legitimate means?” Galwan said.

The mayor said he does not want to create a worry among his constituents by allowing activities that have raised concerns in areas these were initially operated like Baguio City.

“It has raised concerns in Baguio, so why do we transfer the headache here? I will not welcome the ‘bingo sa barangay’ in the municipality,” Galwan told reporters.

We don’t like any form of gambling so we are giving our first Boon Award to the La-Trinidad mayor. Two thumbs up to you sir.

Note: We have tried in vain to find a picture of our first awardee but the only thing we found is this one. We think it would be an injustice to him if we upload it here kasi nakatutok ang camera kay she-who-must-not-be-named.

INFO SOURCE: Sunstar Baguio

One thought on “Boon Award: La Trinidad Mayor Artemio Galwan”

  1. In this time when the government have lost the respect of the people it nice to hear that a local government executive of our own have done something to gain our nod once more. Keep doing what is right, this is not for us. This is for the next generations to come.

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