A Kankanaey Love Song

You gotta love this video. It is simple but meaningful and heartfelt. It is one of my favorites. It helps of course that the model is beautiful (she should have joined Starstruck) and the singer himself looks quite good.

Okay, for those of you who don’t speak Kankanaey, the song is about a man’s unexpressed love to a woman because the woman comes from an economically better-off family. This might sound silly in 2006 but I think it is a common story in the elder days.

Credits for this video go to: Jefferson Anton (performer), Andrew Paulino Jr. (lyricist), and Jun Garcia (producer). Great job and more power to you all.

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  1. Hei there Biil,

    Jefferson Anton is one of the young artist that are being groomed as future singers from the group “The Pioneers”. If I’m not mistaken, this group was groomed by the Country FM Station in Baguio – Magic FM 99.9. They ha concerts as a group and individual performances as well.

  2. Hi Anon (12:19)
    Thanks for the info about the group. Its good to know that a radio station helped them. A lot of artists are not that fortunate to have a corporate support. Welcome to the blog 🙂

    Hi Anon (3:37)
    I agree, really nice song. Good singer too. Welcome to the blog also 🙂

  3. aye, mayat ya…kad ilan yu ketdin nu waday udom d videos issa ta i upload you ta wda buybuyaen di kakailyan isna abroad..

  4. Hi!Jeff,
    What a nice SONG!
    this song reminds me before i went home in a Sagada pinag tawanan tuloy ako sa bus pinahinto ko kasi sa Abatan, just to buy the cd and i was shock pag tingin ko sa vedeo oh!kapit bahay ko yng nasa vedeo hehehe!to all THE PIONEERS keep up the the GOOD WORK!

  5. ……….heloooowwww……mayat met ti kantam….nalagip q kitdin ni gayyem q….hahahahahhaha……tlaga nga mayat ti kantan ti igigorots ah…..d bha???hehehehehe,….God blezzz and more power to all of you….tnx….

  6. keep up the good work … ang gaganda naman ng song’s,, i love it too… matatago tako amin,,jja

  7. I like somuch Kankanaey songs..i love the language.especially the singers.It makes me feel good when i hear the love songs..how i wish,i will marry a good Kankanaey singer..i love iiiittttt!
    But anyway,keep up the good work singers & artists.
    I dream to meet Jefferson Anton in person..
    Mabuhay lovers of Cordillera..
    Love u guyZ..

  8. To the artist,
    Can u please translate the song Just When I Needed You Most in Kankanaey version..
    Thanks a lot.

  9. gud luck and keep up………………………….. let us put eogether the spirits of IGOROTS on high………………………………………. more power.. let us show them that we are not different from them that we can live up beyond their expectations

  10. ………..helow guyz bilib talagah kami sa nyo ……..talagang ckat ang mga igorot songs….i luv it!!!! keep up d” good job!!!!

  11. yeePHeE,,,,Was,maya myAt kyman ya,was laYdk abey mktApi sin band you ;ay mbAlin ,yeh.

  12. hAii”’…….
    ,ayuh,maya mYat kAyman yah’…..ai mblin d mak tapi sn bAnd you je…ja

  13. ang galing nyo palang komanta ??????mga tol???? pwede gawa kyo ulit ng song ???>?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> hintayin nmen dto sa cada??????

  14. >> mayat kayman ay deng2 ngen nan kanta kanta tku moh> to our singers, keep up and god bless u all, to my fellow igorots——— love our own para nd mamatay ang mga igorot songs tau>>

  15. ;::::::::: WOW mapteng jen kanshion jo :::::::: love u jonathan W. …09991754131….09061183829…..i need IGOROT frends 😀

  16. aye mayat ay dengdengen mo dadin kali ay adin nakalkali se nabayag!keep up segger tapnu waday denggeg nu problemado ak!!!!thanks sa kanta

  17. jaja so nice tlagah ang song ng maga igorots well na well je ja
    geeemayxxx” just contnue it” the best talAga tayong mGa igorots
    GOD given talents within us so we should value and share it
    igorots are very talented and we know that this well improve more

  18. Halu gug am 2 all singers of igorot. im realy2 proud of u,ure a good singer.god bless u he he

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