How to Spot an Ibaloi

Ooops, I missed this comment from “sahiy ya ibadoi ngo” which I think deserves a post of its own. If you remember, we made a post on How to Spot an Igorot several months back and “sahiy” added his/her tips on How to Spot an Ibaloi. Here it goes:

1. They are the guys who stay near the walls of a room in a social gathering, and just smile (ngishit) when asked to go in front.

2. They point to one another when called, (sikam ga!).

3. They say “eh eh” instead of “I’m sorry”.

4. They always use the word “timing”.

5. They have “wat wat” on the inside pocket of their jacket carried on one shoulder, and a toothpick protruding from their mouth — this is when they come from a party.

This may be reinforcing stereotypes but we are doing this tongue-in-cheek so please don’t crucify either “sahiy” or me. Surely we can get to know who we are as a people better and have fun at the same time, can’t we?

11 thoughts on “How to Spot an Ibaloi”

  1. Hi there!
    Thanks to this blogspot. At least there’s space to talk about things.

    These are certainly reinforcing stereotypes but the first item is where the expression SHY MANGO comes from which should really be written SHIYAY MANGO kaya lang baka they’ll read it like the sweet Philippine fruit. That is why the Naduma shirt is written SHY MA-NGO.

    ANyway, the expression, says Fiscal Felix Cabading, is really more of showing deference to others. We want our guests to have the best space, usually in front, during occasions.
    Unfortunately, it has now become part of Ibaloy identity.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks for visiting. And thanks also for the interesting background info on the Shy Mango expression. Ganun pala ang roots nun. You’re right that it shows respect to give the best seats to guests. Thanks again and we hope you continue to visit the blog and the comments section 🙂

  3. hi there, greetings from africa!

    i just open it now and it is very interesting, i just also discovered it now – the labels as you define it.

    i was smiling dahil di ko alam – na i can be spotted in this way – hehehe!

    i appreciate it very much your efforts to bring life what it really means being Ibaloy – i for one -i like it!

    shy-yak met lang nem ansan ma niman,cause i am adult already so to say.

    keep on with this blog and you will enlighten the life of others through this task.

    thank you and may Kabunyan bless us all and our endeavors.

  4. Hi inkwantu,
    Thanks for joining our discussions here. I’m glad you found us from out there in Africa. May Kabunyan also bless you and I hope you continue to join us in the future 🙂

  5. Halo!! i just want to coment, I’m half y sagada and half ibaloi.. yes! i agree that ibaloi’s are SHY MANGO as they say but not all.. Ada dagiti ibaloi nga shy no han da naka inom ngem mangibaba in da no nka inom da.. Admit it folks…! You can observe this during NUPTIALS (DEKAT),in folk houses, and other establishments where there is MA INOM.!

  6. Hi half_half,
    Thanks. In fairness, it’s a common thing for those who are “alcohol-enhanced” of whatever race/ethnolinguistic group to get animated hehe. Just ask yours truly 🙂

  7. Halu! Sak-en si janice. I came across this blog while googling up the object and subject of my research: ma-ngo/ the Ibaloi expression mango. I’m happy to see that the comments are supporting details to my findings. hehehe. I’ve finished the research already (and will be presenting it at an international conference this februaury), and one informant said exactly the same thing as Fiscal Cabading. Anyway, matago-tago nan blogger ay si igorotblogger! =]

  8. (*.*) (*,*) HI I am surprised with this blog whoever made this I appreciate ur effort doing this.I want to add some more tips on how to spot an ibaloi..

    < for ibaloi men..when u see thier "porma" or the way they dress..they usually wear levis jeans..pure maong jacket & pants straight cut..
    < for older ibaloi men some are used to wear cowboy hats with matching leather jacjet and pointed boots... By the way Im vc2ria coming from the group of ibaloi women.. just add me on friendster this is my email Address:

  9. Hey TO YOU aLL IbaLOi’s!_Im ProUD tO BE ONE, YOU KNOW bUT i doNT thINk iM THaT sHY!_OtheRS NGA cOmmeNTED on ME As MAdALDAL And WLAng HIYA iN a GoOD SENsE_I MEAn AcaDemiCAlly nOT CHisMOSA!_DATs Y!_mmmMMM…

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