The Filipino Story of Our Time

Whoa, the things we receive in the mail. This letter was originally sent to an association here in the Philippines but the letter writer somehow came across this blog and also sent the letter to us (

The letter is libelous and maligns the reputation of the subject (she comes from the Cordilleras ha) so I edited out her identity and some other portions. The letter writer also attached some pictures which, if it were a part of a movie, will be slapped with either a Restricted or an X-rating.

It is interesting that I came to sympathize with both the woman and the letter writer. I sympathize with the woman because her story is the Filipino story of our time: she is a professional and in fact comes from a noble profession, left her family to become a domestic helper abroad, and maybe played around either out of need for human companionship or to earn more money (maybe it was both). I also sympathize with the man because, if his story is true, he may be a good example of a “victim of love” if ever there is such a thing. Heck, he appears to have been so hurt such that he goes to the extent of writing to associations and persons he doesn’t know just so he can get back at his lady love.

Anyway, here’s the letter. Make what you will out of it. As mentioned, it was edited to protect the identity of those involved.

Dear Principle and dear tecaher,

I am sorry to attached such a shame story and pictures for your association for your record and reference. I hope your end can help me to grant me back the lost from this lady of which she was working in Hong Kong as a Domestic helper but she is the member of the xxxxx in Hong Kong and Philippines too.

This lady name is xxxxx. She is a big liar and she betray the love of me and she also lie to her husband too. During her nearly 4 years service as a Domestic helper in Hong Kong. She have more than 3 to 4 boyfriend xxxxx. I was the last victim. I have the proof and the receipt of her loan payment that I am the one to offset for her. She told me that she was separated with her husband xxxxx this mam working for xxxxx in according to her information provide to me while we start our xxxxx relationship in Hong Kong 1 year ago. She told me that her husband have xxxxx illness and desease that why she left him to Hong Kong but the fact is she never leave her husband and never separate at all. she just make use of my mercy heart to her she tell lie make alibas and bola bola during she stay in Hong Kong and I gave her support and allowance for her kids. I have all the evidence in Hong Kong. 3 weeks ago she went back to Philippines and being terminated by the new employers only day because her ex-boy friend looking for her too. she is very bad and back to xxxxx. she lives in xxxxx.

xxxxx. I am sorry to tell this story because I am very hurted and Saki. sorry my philippines language no good. I am an USA citizen and a businessman with large garment set up in Shanghai. Money lost is not a big propblem but she betray my love to her.

It is a real shame to her family and nation and kidas and husband and all relatives and friends. If she is honest suppose she and I can be very nice and I can take her for buhay but she is lie then what is the moral there in philippines Shame. If she really separated with her husband then this is true love. I believe her that why I am not the third party in between. But the fact telling me that she is with the husband still have the sex relationship therefore she is a liar to everyone. She cannot lie to God.

Please kindly help me get in touch with her and her husband. Her phone number is xxxxx.

I will highly appreciated if your asscociation can email me the outcome by return. I appreciate that greatest help for the aforesaid issue.

Kind regards,


Stories like this will continue to happen as long as the government maintains its policy of exporting Philippine labor as the solution to the numerous problems that we face as a nation. Government a.k.a. Gollum Macapagal-Arroyo: “Rapid population growth? What rapid population growth? It’s good for the Philippines to be a baby factory. We can always send them abroad when they grow up. Unemployment? No problem, we can send the unemployed abroad. The doctors will become nursing aides, the teachers will clean toilet bowls, and the engineers will be janitors. Poverty? What poverty, well even if there is poverty in the Philippines we can always send the poor abroad, they will send back dollars to their families so they can eat cake. Of course, those dollars will prop up my government so me and my ilk will rule forever and ever. Filipinos won’t complain about the scandalous distribution of wealth in the country because they can always go abroad. A perfect solution to a revolution. Basta, Gollum Jr. will also become President someday. It is written and so it shall be done. Bwahahaha.”

In the meantime, Filipino families will continue to get broken. And lovesick Chinese/Arab/etc. men will continue to question the morals of Filipinos. Heck, even the non-lovesick ones do question the morals of Filipinos.

Anyway, here’s our advice to the Chinese businessman who sent us the letter: Move on. Forget about her. Forget about contacting her. If she is back with her husband, then set her free. In fact, set her free even if she is not back with her husband. Why? Because it will release the bitterness from your heart. And it’s not good for anyone to be bitter. It’s definitely not good for your health and well-being. Good luck.

Wow, I became a love counselor without meaning to.

4 thoughts on “The Filipino Story of Our Time”

  1. That is shameful indeed, stories like these can only confirm the negative stereotypes being thrown against us Filipinos. You’re right, people are not products that are to be exported. I keep questioning the morals of our government officials. Or do they even have any?

  2. Hi Kayni,
    I also tend to wonder if government officials have morals. Parang wala eh. There are some exemptions naman but for the most part parang hopeless. But in fairness, marami ding civil servants who are doing good. Pero yung elected officials you really have to search hard.

  3. What I worry if this one is a hoax. The Art Bell letter is a hoax, this is a possible candidate too.

    Sometimes kasi Filipinos in general(regardless of ethnoliguistic group) do not want to work hard to earn money. Kaya nga maraming Mail Order Brides na galing sa Pilipinas. Then, if you go to forums populated by Tsinoys, many do not want to maary Pinoys because we are “lazy” daw. There might be some truth to what there Tsinoys are saying. Once upon a time, the Chinese were underdogs, now they are the captains of our economy.

  4. Hi Betelnut,
    Thanks for bringing up that possibility. If it is a hoax, then I am a sucker and a fool he he. But then again, one of the best ways to determine whether letters like this are hoaxes or not is to bring them out in the open.

    I would not put this letter though in the same category as that letter which Art Bell didn’t write but which was falsely and unfairly attributed to him; the “Art Bell letter” was clearly meant to inflame and ridicule Filipinos. This letter from Hongkong does paint a negative image of Filipinos but it is an image that we are pretty much familiar with. As I said, this is the Filipino story of our time — many migrant Filipino workers end up in situations that the subject of the letter found herself in (engaging in extra-marital relations, asking for one’s family’s support from a lover, prostitution, etc. etc.) It is tragic that people have to resort to this. The greater tragedy, of course, is that
    our government is a party to and a beneficiary of this tragedy.

    I agree with you that there may be some truth about what Tsinoys are saying about us Pinoys. As you said, they are now the captains of our economy. And fifty years ago, Filipino families have Chinese amahs; nowadays Chinese families have Filipino yayas.

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