5 thoughts on “Kalinga White Water Rafting”

  1. Hi Wil,
    Scary ba? So far, I haven’t heard of any accidents so they must be taking all the necessary precautions which is good.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Isu garud. Good job for those organizing this white water rafting thing 🙂

  2. eto ba yung chico river na dadaaanat mo from bontoc, papuntang tinglayan, kalinga? kasi i’ve seen the river although wala akong nakitang nagwa-white water rafting. gusto kong subukan.

    anyway, i’ve helped the sagada lemon pie house make their website and i will finish the COMPLETE lemon pie house video with interview today and upload it. i hope that you will feature them. they need your help. here is their link:


    i just found a new sagada travel website, which is not mine. you might like to add it to your links:


    and i’ve also read an interesting article about igorot filmmakers. you like to read it about it:


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