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If the Department of Agriculture (DA) is correct, we may soon be singing “Bye Bye Baby” to the native chicken. According to this report, “native chickens in the Cordillera, Philippines, are disappearing quickly. The regionโ€™s Department of Agriculture is concerned that the breed may soon become extinct.”

So who’s to blame for the native chicken going the way of their more famous cousin, the dodo? Blame the fact that not a lot of us are raising native chicken anymore and that we’ve become dependent on commercially raised poultry. Read the article here.

Speaking of commercial chicken, did you know that “cull chicken” is full of antibiotics and hormones and is thus bad for your health? Kind of scary considering that “cull” has effectively replaced the native breed as the Cordillera’s primary source of white meat. The Northern Dispatchreports that said antibiotics and hormones “may cause cancer and other ailments for the consumer.” Read it here.

Seems like we are killing ourselves softly by eating “cull”. Kasla pinikpikan.

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  1. Well, well, well….all those “pinikpikans” that went before us must be all smiles by now saying “what goes around, does comes around”. Karma!

  2. hehe. you’re right there, trublue… if only we stuck to our ‘natives’ then we would not be having problems with whatever ailments culls might bring. culls are really much cheaper though. and if the gang is all set to have a good time, whatever is available will not be forgiven, cancer or no cancer. (bird flu nga tinatawanan lang nila eh.) more information dissemination is needed for attitudes to change…

    the other problem with this is that ‘natives’ can’t be bred in the manner that we raise broilers. ‘natives’ just won’t survive in cages. try putting native chicks in one and they’ll keep on jumping- like crazy.:-)

  3. all my neighbors are still raising their own natives. kakaloka nga sa umaga eh, ang ingay ng mga chicks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Ngem uray ta agpadpadigo da met no agparti da.

  4. i’m glad the pinikpikan that our dad welcomed us with is one from our backyard-raised fowls.a friend forwarded me an article warning us about the commercial chicken being injected with steroids for faster seems that not only our native chicken are getting doses of chemicals but also almost all poultry products.tsk!

  5. Inpuslitmi garud ti etag ditoy ngay ket awan met ti native chicken da? *sigh* Birbirukenmi jay kawitan nga nakitada di namingsan. Hehehehe…

  6. I’m guessing part of the issue is cost — the native chicken is probably more expensive than the commercially-raised chicken. If people can afford it, then they should buy the native chicken. but general consumers will probably go with the cheaper chicken.

  7. Hi Trublue,
    Or they might also be saying, “the chickens are coming home to roost”. thanks.

    hi pagano,
    and i think culls are much more meaty too compared to the skinny native variety kaya iyon din talaga ng tao coz it feeds more people. thanks.

    hi kayni,
    come home this april ta agawid met lang ni trublue nga agpa-pinikpikan. thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    hi ganda,
    imbag ka pay a ta adda agpadigo ๐Ÿ™‚ meron ka ding taga-gising sa umaga with all those chicken around. thanks.

    hi jane,
    a doctor friend once warned me about antibiotics in chicken pero di ako naniwala. it’s only when i read this report that i took it seriously. thanks.

    hi layad,
    you should have given that etag to me here in q.c. Or isama mo na lang sa frozen chicken to give it some flavor. thanks.

    hi wil,
    yup. i think its mostly because the non-native ones are much cheaper and more readily available than the native variety. thanks

  8. hey hey hey!!! have you seen the new TV commercial of a new favored instant noodles??? isu gayam nga maib ibos t native chickens tayo ta inal ala da samet en ket inaramid da en nga NATIVE CHICKEN NOODLES!!! Hehe…. ramanan you man nu ada kayo pinas nu kasla metlang nga raman t native chicken djay.

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