Judging Your Congressman By Their Look-alikes! Part One

Since the May elections is fast approaching, I think it is apt if we give some space to people who will be running after you to beg for your votes. Let us start with Cordillera Congressmen, since we already featured them earlier (here) and we have readily available pictures of them to run through myheritage.com, a website which allows you to look for your celebrity look-alike. That is, if you are so inclined.

I know, I know, Igorots are not into celebrities but this is kinda fun and From the Boondocks, as you all know, is also about the fun stuff.

Anyway, if you are still undecided whether to vote for your incumbent Congressman — whether in the same or in a different post — maybe their look-alikes (according to myheritage.com anyways) will help you make the decision. I’m including the top eight matches whether they be male or female. Don’t fret if your male Congressman is deemed here to be a look-alike of a woman; after all, one’s sex is not determined by one’s face.

I will only type the names of the top four matches because I’m lazy. Besides myheritage.com should have included the names in the pictures but they didn’t so they are obviously lazier than me.

APAYAO Congressman Elias Bulut

LOOK-ALIKES: Maggie Cheung, 71%; Gene Kelly, 68%; Bob Marley, 58%; Aung San Suu Kyi, 57%. COMMENT: Ooops, ito yung sinasabi kong don’t fret if your Congressman is deemed to look like a woman. Kasalanan ng myheritage.com hindi ako 🙂 But seriously, Congressman Bulut and Maggie Cheung do look alike in the way they smile and the way they kind of tilt their heads. Don’t worry Congressman, at least very famous ang inyong look-alike. And she knows how to kick ass, fight with a sword, fly in the air, etc in the movie Hero. Para siyang sina Folayang, Nganhayna, et. al. who are good in wushu.

IFUGAO Congressman Solomon Chungalao

LOOK-ALIKES: Stephen King, 56%; Takenouchi Yutaka, 52%; George Bizet, 51%; M. Night Shyamalan, 50%. COMMENT: Kamukha daw ni Congressman si Tom Cruise o? But he does look like George Bizet. It must be the beard and the glasses.

MT. PROVINCE Congressman Victor Dominguez

LOOK-ALIKES: Gao Xingian, 76%; Kim Dae Jung, 76%; Zhao Ziyang, 74%; Shinzo Abe, 71%. COMMENT: Hmmm, I’m not sure what to say about this. Pare pareho lang sila ng mata na may pagka-singkit.

BAGUIO Congressman Mauricio Domogan

LOOK-ALIKES: Leslie Cheung, 70%; Zhou Enlai, 60%; Jackie Chan, 59%; Kim Dae Jung, 50%. COMMENT: Medyo nga kamukha ni Congressman Domogan si Zhou Enlai. Maybe the Baguio Congressman should start growing a beard like Zhou Enlai’s, parang bagay sa kanya he he. Walrus beard yata ang tawag doon? By the way, Congressman Domogan is my favorite Cordillera Congressman because he isn’t too shy about wearing a G-String to Congress.

I’m not sure I’m a fan of this look-alike thing. Most of the matches are interesting but are really way off. In fairness, the highest match is only 76% (For Rep. Dominguez and Gao Xinjiang) and most are at the 50-60% level so no one is claiming that these people REALLY look alike.

To be continued…

UPDATE: There seems to be a problem with Myheritage.com which hosts the images of the congressmen and their look-alikes which should be appearing in this post. I am retaining this post despite the absence of the accompanying pictures with the hope that said pictures will eventually return. My apologies.

RELATED POST: Hey Look, Your Congressman is Working. PHOTO CREDITS: myheritage.com; House of Representatives.

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