Igorot Achievers, Part 13: More Board Exam Topnotchers

Since we can’t give medals like the ones pictured above (courtesy of the North American Indigenous Games) to our fellow Igorots who topped professional board exams, the next best thing is to include them in our List of Achievers. Those listed here are taken from the website of the University of the Cordilleras/Baguio Colleges Foundation (UC-BCF) and from news reports released by the Professional Regulations Commission for board exams conducted in 2006. Unless the school is indicated, the topnotcher is from UC-BCF.

Top One
Kriston Kimbungan, Criminology, CCDC*, 2006
Arthur Gubia-on, Criminology, 1999
Jaime Bawagan, Criminology, 1993
Sonia Aplosen-Daoas, Education, 1976
Hilda Dongail-Tadaoan, Education, 1955
Pinky Deligen Egan, Radiology, 2004

Top Two
Mark Sang-an, Civil Engineering, 1960
Dorotheo Aligo, Mining Engineering, Adamson Univ, 1984

Top Three
Wilaine Grace Pis-o, Accounting, St. Louis Univ, 2006
Jeronnie Fartingca, Criminology, Univ of Baguio, 2006
June Diwag, Criminology, 2006
Darwin Mang-usan, Criminology, 2004
Chester King-eo, Criminology, 1997

Top Four
Jacqueling Tudlong, Sanitary Engineering, 1996
Theodore Ged-ang, Civil Engineering, 1994

Top Five
Melvin Omotoy, Civil Engineering, 2006
Daisy Begawen, Criminology, CCDC, 2006

Top Six
Rex Banggawan, Accounting, University of Baguio, 2006
Rhodora Debnas, Sanitary Engineering, 2002

Top Eight
Chelina Atiteo Saganib, Optometry, Pines City College, 2006

Top Nine
Meshack Macwes, Criminology, 2006

*CCDC stands for Cordillera Career Development College.

As explained in our first post on Igorot topnotchers, the people listed here were picked for inclusion mainly because they have Igorot/Igorot-sounding surnames. Hence, we may have missed those who have non-traditional Igorot surnames and we may also have included people who are actually non-Igorots. In other words, in terms of Igorotness, we cannot vouch that this is 100% accurate he he.

At any rate, we congratulate those who made it to our List!

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8 thoughts on “Igorot Achievers, Part 13: More Board Exam Topnotchers”

  1. hello bill bilig
    can you pls edit the name of madam sonia.. it is madam sonia aplosen-daoas not daos.. tnx

  2. why not include Igorot writers too, at least even those textbook writers because they also achieved something national as their books are published and distributed and used by colleges and universities in the Philippines. Try to search their books at the University of the Cordilleras bookstore. Alex Valentin Abelos of Tublay Benguet is among them, writer of about 8 college textbooks./elsie v.arinos Texas Instruments

  3. yes, we are using the books of Alex Abelos who is a proud Ibaloi of Tublay Benguet Province, our classmates at PUP Sta Mesa Manila. University of Rizal System is using his books English 1 and 2.

  4. kindly open http://www.philjaycees.com(TOCP awrdee)and you will see a pure igorot who bested 13,ooo councilors of the Philippines to be one of the Ten Outstanding Councilor of the Phil.2006,who receive an International Troppy from JCI Phil.Plaque from the Phil. Councilors League and a 750,000.00 Trust Fund from Sen. Angara CDF,he is one of a kind.

  5. Can you check the name of Bernice Tabcao…i believe she’s one of our Igorot achievers. Sorry but I’m not familiar with her new married now.

  6. Have you posted the topnotchers from UC-BCF CPA Board Exam Topnotchers last May 2010? They are both IGOROTS… Hope to Read their names in the near future…

  7. engr. nixon r. dalapus (SLU) from besao mountain province ranked 1 in the february 1996 board exam for mining engineers

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