Judging Your Congressman By Their Look-alikes! Part Two

Here’s part two of our attempt to find the celebrity look-alikes of our honorable members of Congress. Yup, From the Boondocks abides by the presumption that members of Congress are honorable. Unless you send us competent evidence that they are not, we will be sticking to this presumption to save our ass. Hirap na, baka ma-libel 🙂

KALINGA Congressman Lawrence Wacnang

LOOK-ALIKES: Saddam Hussein, 57%; Thomas Edison, 53%; Ferdinand de Lesseps, 52%; Takashi Sorimachi, 50%. COMMENT: Baka magalit si Congressman Wacnang dahil number one look-alike daw niya si Saddam, pero 57% lang naman. He doesn’t really look like Saddam but they do seem to have the same teasing smile/laughter. But it must be the way their cheeks curve that make them seem to look alike.

BENGUET Congressman Samuel Dangwa

LOOK-ALIKES: Kim Dae Jung, 63%; Kenzo Tange, 63%; Leon Lai, 61%; Michael Rosenbaum, 57%. COMMENT: Congressman Dangwa does look a bit like Kenzo Tange and he must also have looked like Leon Lai in his younger days. Parehong bilog na bilog ang kanilang mata eh 🙂

In Memoriam: ABRA Congressman Luis Bersamin.

LOOK-ALIKES: John Woo, 72%; Suharto, 59%; Takashi Sorimachi, 55%; Lu Xiang, 54%. COMMENT: Maybe Hollywood director John Woo might want to temporarily give up his director’s chair and become the lead actor in a movie on the life of murdered Congressman Luis Bersamin. Of course, its not gonna happen but Rep. Bersamin’s murder (in church, after a wedding, where he was a sponsor) and, more importantly, the subsequent hunt for his murderers has a great cinematic potential. Seriously, we do hope that the Congressman’s killers are apprehended and brought to justice.

UPDATE: There seems to be a problem with Myheritage.com which hosts the images of the congressmen and their look-alikes which should be appearing in this post. I am retaining this post despite the absence of the accompanying pictures with the hope that said pictures will eventually return. My apologies.

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5 thoughts on “Judging Your Congressman By Their Look-alikes! Part Two”

  1. A lot of Igorots do kinda look like North Asians. Not all, but a lot.

    There were times that I’ve been mistaken as a foreigner(most likely they thought I was Koreans, probabaly because those folks are ubiquitous in the city). But the most common question: “Do you have Chinese blood?”. Must have inherited my light brown skin and “slanty” eyes from my Ibaloi heritage. Hehe

  2. I usually get asked that question too. And I say, “Oo apo ako ni Limahong”. Limahong is this Chinese pirate during the Spanish period (1600s yata) who, according to legend, sought refuge in the Cordilleras with his co-pirates when Spanish authorities were running after them. Pero sabi sabi lang ito and may not really have a factual basis 🙂

  3. Teka..ngayon ko lang napansin na Koreans nilagay ko. wrong grammar tuloy. Anyway.

    Yeah, that is the legend. Limahong and his alagads(hehe)sought refuge in the Cordilleras. But there are other claims that he settled in Batangas. I think I saw an article about that in Tsinoy.com but that was years ago. Some even say, he went back to China.

  4. Hi BetelNut,
    No problem sa grammar, lahat naman tayo eh. Ako nga papalit palit ng entry dahil minsan wrong grammar din he he.

    Unfortunately, I can’t speak/understand Ibaloi 🙁 Sana sa balang araw.

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