Igorot Achiever: Reynold Domalsin

As promised, here is our post on Reynold Domalsin, the Igorot body builder who has successfully followed his father’s footsteps. Like his dad, Reynold has a number of body building titles to boast of the latest of which is Mr. Asia Pacific 2007 (Nabba International). Here’s a photo of Reynold with his female counterpart, Ms. Asia Pacific.

From Pinoymuscle.com we learn the following things about Reynold Domalsin:

Reynold had no idea that someday he would be following in his father’s footsteps. Born and raised in Baguio City, he grew up watching his father mentor some of the great athletes from Baguio City like Alfie Cornel and Jas Taguilig. His father started the Baguio Health Club gym, the first gym to exist in Baguio City. He was too young then to get into bodybuilding.

Read the full story here.

Body building appears to be a sport where Igorots/iCordilleras excel in. Maybe it’s in the genes. Or maybe it’s the environment. Anyways, for those of you who are wondering about what body builders do during competitions, here’s a video of Reynold’s Free Posing Routine during the Mr. Asia Pacific competition where he emerged as the champion.

8 thoughts on “Igorot Achiever: Reynold Domalsin”

  1. i once attended a body building competition and wheew…i didn’t like it..sorry po. Although I appreciate naman these guys its just that hindi ko naeenjoy watching them.(hanggang dito na lang po ako baka kung ano masabi ko.)

  2. Hi Layad and Djin,
    Come to think of it, I never heard of anyone who is a body building fan. I also don’t get it. I think you have to be into it to understand the stretching and posing and all. But this is a sport where we appear to excel in. So congrats and good luck to our kailiyans who are involved in the sport.

    Hi Cliff,
    Thanks for dropping by. Oy you have a personal connection there.

  3. Wow Bill! You were able to make the great Sir Julian Chees to comment!

    Ciao po Sir Julian! Greetings from your neighbor down here! Glad to know you have your own site now.

  4. Ooooppps… Congratulation to Reynold Domalsin, sorry for not including on top.

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