Laoagan Trust Fund

Kudos to Arcelie Laoagan’s employer, Western Canadian, for setting up a trust fund for Arcelie. According to the company, the fund raised “will be used to cover funeral expenses and transportation costs to the Philippines which will total about $15,000. Donations surpassing the $15,000 mark will be put into an account for Arcelie’s children to help continue her dream of bringing her boys to Canada.”

To date over $20,000 have been donated to the fund. Visit West Canadian’s site to see how you can contribute.

ERRATUM: Contrary to an OWWA officer’s report as quoted by the Inquirer (and which we republished here), Arcelie Laoagan is not from Sagada, Mt. Province. She was born in Naguilian, Isabela and lived in Santa Cruz, Ilocos Sur with her husband and children. Thanks to Samuel Cabrera for the clarification.

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  2. This is out of topic but related to killings of OFWs in Canada. Hubby reminded me few days ago an incident that slipped in my mind for some reasons. He reminded me that I once told him about a not so close friend of mine way back college who got murdered also in Canada on 2005. Then I remembered, yeah, I did know someone helplessly killed in Canada back then. I am not sure where but I believe they lived in one of the busy cities there as she and her husband were both technically inclined. She was a comp-sci grad while her hubby was a batchmate of mine. She was murdered by a neighbor who is said to be mentally incapacitated. I just remember her first name is Brenda and she was from Pangasinan.

  3. Sir BB, did u hear about the kailyan who died in Singapore? Heard it was featured in Zigzag or Midland. From what I heard, the Benguet government is suing the Singapore hospital where she died because there was no reason stated for her death and some of her organs were missing. I may have the wrong info though.

  4. arcelie ‘cel’ laoagan will finally arrive on tuesday 5 o’clock in the morning according to her sister-in-law…i will be at the airport to meet her. i’m not related to this family in any way but they seem so close to my heart… i know arcelie is in GOD’s loving hands now… i just hope and pray she will be the last victim of a barbaric act… WELCOME HOME ARCELIE…

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