Watching the Australian Open II

Were you, like me, disappointed when Roger lost? Let’s not be bummed too much though. A good run does end sometimes and I do not think Federer, with all his titles and millions, is getting drunk because he lost. It’s about time too that other players have Grand Slam titles of their own. Adi tako bokodan di gawis (rough translation: Let’s share the good things) as we iSagadans say.

I’m happy though that Novak and Jo-Wilfried are going to fight it out. I hope Jo-Wilfried wins because he is the underdog. And like Edwin, I too root for the underdog. However, Jo-Wilfried hardly looks the underdog with the way he’s been playing. Still, go Jo-Wilfried!

On the women’s side, wow that was a dream final. Especially for teenage fan boys with raging hormones. I was hoping Ivanovic will win but Sharapova is the better player during this Open and deserved the title. His dad is annoying during the whole tournament though. How can you solve a problem like Maria’s dad, no?

By the way, based on our Google visitors keying in “Tsonga Filipino”, it seems like I’m not the only one who wondered about Tsonga’s ancestry. It’s that hyphenated, double first name more than anything else that makes one wonder. Paano kasi, ang hilig ng Pinoy gumawa ng combination names like that. Anyways, to you Google visitors, Jo-Wilfried has no Filipino blood in him. That’s according to wikipedia and our resident tennis expert, Wil Reyes.

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5 thoughts on “Watching the Australian Open II”

  1. We were wondering too when we’re watching the match if Tsonga is Pinoy. Thanks for the info. Bit upset when Federrer lost the game. @ celebrating when Maria won the finals.

  2. I was not disapponted Bill…i rather agree with what you have said… gawis is also for others. a good run ends so that others could continue:) it must have allowed him to reflect….:)

  3. Hi Ellen,
    Thanks. Fed fan ka din pala 🙂

    Hi Abella,
    Thanks. You’re right there 🙂

    Hi Watson,
    Thanks for dropping by. Sure, I added your blog sa links 🙂

  4. Resident tennis expert…. hmmm…. I like the sound of it…. even though I haven’t played in so long and only keep up with tennis via the internet. Maybe I’ll put that title on my resume. hehe

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