Igorot Achiever: Brig. Gen. Johnny B. Corcha

Our fellow blogger, Atty. Mandy Dornagon sent us this article about our kailiyan Brig. General Johny Corcha (Philippine Military Academy ’77) who was recently appointed as brigadier general last December 2006. General Corcha joins our ever growing list of achievers who, we hope, could inspire us to do our best (add your own inspirational speech here :-). Thanks to Mandy, an achiever himself, for this article and the photograph of the General and his wife taken in Malacanang.

The New Igorot General: “An Officer and a Gentleman”
By Atty. Mandy Dornagon
The often- heard phrase, “An Officer and a Gentleman” aptly fits the newly promoted Igorot star-ranked officer, Brigadier General Johnny B. Corcha. He is an officer who personifies the noble tradition of soldiery and the fine traits of a gentleman. He is a consummate military professional, but kind-hearted and soft-spoken.

General Corcha was born in Natonin, Mt. Province on June 21, 1953. He is the son of Lino Corcha (now deceased) and Barogaya Baguingan.

The new general, who took his oath of office in Malacanang last December 7, 2006, is assigned as the Assistant Division Commander of the 8th Infantry Division in Samar province. He is a graduate of the Philippine Military Academy, Class of 1977.

Before attaining his star rank, he was the Brigade Commander of the 101st Infantry Brigade, and, for sometime, the Operations Officer of the Northern Luzon Command in Tarlac province.

In the early years of his career, the general occupied various positions in the military hierarchy, starting as a Platoon Leader, and, later, as Company Commander with the 18th Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army. Then, he became Commander of the 32nd Infantry Battalion. He also held staff positions in the different units of the Philippine Army. In the course of those assignments, he had been to various military posts around the country- from the firing ranges of Ft. Bonifacio in Taguig, Metro Manila to the security perimeters of Ft. Magsaysay in Palayan City, and to the lookout bunkers of Camp Bautista in Jolo, Sulu.

Gen. Corcha finished various military courses, notably, the Infantry Officer Basic Course; Infantry Officer Advance Course in Ft. Benning, GA; Command and General Staff Course at the Philippine Army Training Command in Ft. Bonifacio. He also finished a Master in Public Administration at Greenville College.

He is a recipient of numerous awards and decorations, which include, among others, a Commendation Medal, Military Merit Medal, Long Service Medal, Bronze Cross, Anti-Dissident Campaign Medal, and the Distinguished Service Star.

When queried on his thoughts about the recent coup d’etat staged by elements of the military against the Arroyo administration, the general scoffed at the idea of military adventurism. “The military is the protector of the constitution and the flag; it must insulate itself from the biddings of politics,” he said.

Gen. Corcha is married to the former Osmana Fangonon of Natonin, Mt. Province, with whom he has three children: Josean, Johnny Jr., and Jaspraise.

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6 thoughts on “Igorot Achiever: Brig. Gen. Johnny B. Corcha”

  1. Da General’s uniform looks Navy? Luv Mrs General’s pose, no fanfare. Other wives would have guchi bag, diamonds and golds, rings on 10 fingers as ornaments..


  2. Hi TruBlue,
    Very good observations about Mrs. General. Talagang wala tayong hilig sa mga alahas, no. The couple really looks good together pa.

    Off topic: Aba tinotohanan (not sure if this is correct Tagalog) mo ang inyong “one to two sentences comment” ah. But be assured that I like reading your posts. Thanks.

    Hi Mandy,
    Thanks for the info. Didn’t know about the Army standard “white duck” but now I know 🙂

  3. Para di matulog yong mga good readers natin…he he. I’ve read “Vic Buaquen’s” perspective/presentation about Bagos. Took a nap in between. Don’t get me wrong, ’twas kinda dizzying but educational.. Joke lang yung “nap”..
    Buti pa si Esquire Mandy, well-aware sa mga outfit ng sondalo..


  4. Hi TruBlue,

    Just to respond to your comment “Buti pa si Esquire Mandy, well-aware sa mga outfit ng sundalo.”

    Well, I used to be in that “outfit” some 30 years ago, after finishing my Advanced ROTC and Army 2Lts’ Course.

    However, fate took me to a different route. He..he.

    Mandy M. Dornagon,Esq.
    Attorney at Law

  5. No wonder u know military stuff…
    Well, where fate took you is cool. You’re doing a credible and noble work, here and abroad. Believe it or not, my sights were focused on becoming lawyer years ago but fate took me to another path also. Thanx for the info. We need to scoot over!! We’re in Mr Billig’s courtyard…he he….Bill knows the drill!!


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