PMA Cadet Lingo

As promised, here’s a partial compilation of the Cadet Lingo. I hope you have as much fun as I had when I was reading them. A more complete compilation can be found here.

Aso – A cadet who violated the honor code.
Baguio Beans – A native of Baguio City, usually a cadet.
Balisong – A native of Batangas (Archaic).
Benguet Lily – A beautiful girl. Baguio Lass.
Boloman – One who is unqualified in marksmanship training.
Booga-Booga – A woman.
Boomboom – Expression for serving punishment, touring.
Buaya – A native of Cagayan.
Busted Aristocrat – A cadet officer who has been demoted. Also B.A.
Bow-Wow – The Regimental Adjutant. So said because of the bark-like commands he issues during parades.
Carabao – One who does not dance (Archaic).
Dead Meat – Slow moving, sluggish cadet.
Drag – A cadet’s date in a hop or dance.
Dragon – The male partner of a female cadet.
Fatigue Duty – When one is entertaining an unexpected visitor, usually the visit is not looked forward to.
Femme – A cadet sweetheart.
F.B.I. – Full blooded Ilocano. Full-blooded Igorot.
Goat – Least ranking cadet in the class order of merit.
G-String – Sash of cadet officers.
Hop – A dance.
Idlers – Cadet in sick confinement (Archaic).
Immaculate – Upperclassmen.
Kaydet – A cadet.
Kevinism – Showing affection to another cadet of the opposite sex.
Mistah – A classmate; a formal, intimate address.
Moocher – A cadet who goes to a hop without a partner; a ballroom freelancer.
Paka-Ang-Kang – Awkward and clumsy.
Paradise Lost – An ex-femme (Archaic).
Pilgrims – Girls who visit cadets regularly.
Parasite – A cadet who goes to hops without a drag.
Peemayer – Alumnus.
Rooted – To remain at the blackboard until the end of the period without solving the problems.
Rumba Negra – Marching out of steps.
Shaku – “Shabby-Kupal,” the mixed character of a cadet who is always asking for unnatural favors and unusually strict.
Shylock – A thrifty fellow; the treasurer.
Slaughterhouse – Academic Building (Archaic).
Wife – A bunkmate; the other occupant of an army bunk. The rifle issued to a cadet.

  1. i have been to PMA a lot of times just to watch the Saturday dancing thing “i dont know how they call it but its not pass and review”… i really love to see them do their thing…

  2. @chloe: The answer is in your question….Good Job or Congratulations! No pun intended. Can’t imagine Bill Bilig telling me “gawis ay trabaho TruBlue!”, so awkward.

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