Igorot Warriors, Pambato ng ‘Pinas

Kudos to these guys who have been carrying the Cordillera banner in national and international competitions.

Congratulations and best wishes too to those who qualified to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Wushu Tournament which, according to wikipedia is not part of the Olympic Games but is a tournament to be held in Beijing during the Olympics. Apparently, the IOC didn’t recognize wushu as either an official Olympic event or a demonstration sport.

So jumping up and down a trampoline is accepted as an official medal event while a combat sport like wushu is not? How biased is that, IOC?

3 thoughts on “Igorot Warriors, Pambato ng ‘Pinas”

  1. Team Lakay is one commendable Igorot wushu-sanshou team. They have produced the likes of Benjie Rivera, Edward Folayang and Rhea Rifani just to name a few. Sana mabigyan pa sila ng recognition that is due to them. Sayang nga lang at sa school (UC) namin mas binibigyan pa ng priority ang ball game players (Basketball and Volleyball) when they know that the medal haulers are really the men and women in combative sports where Cordillerans really excel.

  2. Hi JM,
    Thanks for the info. Sayang naman if they are given less priority. Eh sa totoo lang wala talaga tayong pag-asa sa basketball kung international competition ang usapan.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. I think it was a typographical error on. It should have been GO TEAM PHILIPPINES. I actually hesitated to use the video because of the taem error 🙂

    For those who don’t speak Kankanay, “taem” is some kind of a swear word that means “your poop”. Kaya understandable kung bakit nabahala si anonymous 🙂

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