Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

Kayni, our kailiyan in Washington DC/Maryland, is giving gifts to the first five commenters of her post here. Unfortunately for you, the contest is over because five people – including yours truly – already commented. But, still, even if you won’t receive a gift, you should still visit her blog.

Now, the catch in Kayni’s gift giving contest is that those who won should make the same offer in their blog. So let me make the offer here. I will send a gift to:

1) The first five bloggers who will leave a comment here AND who will do a similar offer in their blogs.

Now, because we have a lot of readers here who don’t have a blog, I will also send a gift to:

2) The first five readers who will leave a comment here AND who will immediately email me ( after they posted their comment to identify themselves as the commenter (ex. I am commenter Anonymous 10:30). In your email, make sure you include your name and the address where I will send your gift.

Readers who don’t have a blog are exempted from the “you should make a similar offer in your blog” rule but, as a substitute, they are expected to do random acts of kindness forever and ever hehe.

Okay? I hope the rules are clear. Now what is the gift? It will be a copy of a hard-to-read book of stories and essays, written by different people, which I co-edited.

I’m not joking about that “hard to read” part. But it’s hard to read not because the book is high falutin’, academese, or pretentious but because the text used in the printing is a bit small. Those of you who have eye problems might need a magnifying glass to read it. Still, I’m sure (or I hope) that you will find some nuggets about our country when you do read it.

Okidok? Let the contest begin.

13 thoughts on “Gifts, Gifts, Gifts”

  1. Hi Bill…I like the contest thing…I think this is timely for Christmas because it’s all in the spirit of gift-giving…by the way,,,,I’ll start this tag/contest thing by tomorrow…I’ll probably give 20 copies of a literary folio that I edited too…as well as a special gift for the first commenter…hehehe…probably one of my thingamajigs…tc!
    I’ll email you my address…hehehe

  2. Well, my eyes aren’t as good as they once were but I never turn down the chance for a free book. Hehe, you can bring the book to Sagada with you sometime, save the mailing expense.
    Cheers!!! Kolot

  3. Sir Bill,
    … giving?ansaya naman nito…hehe…i love giving gifts…basta ba me pera ako or i have something to give…lolz
    …the most recent gift i had given was to one of my hauzmates who had her birthday last month, a few days ago (actually, somebody chipped in kase kulang pala pera ko…hehe)….
    …i sure wud love to join this contest i am just thinking kung ano ang igi-give away ko this time…m not sure i cud do this sooner because of our deadlines…hehe…

    …you have my number sir, d ba?hehe…

    Merry Christmas!


  4. abah! pwede pang humabol! anong ibibigay mo? kung F.R.I.E.N.D.S na collection mo, akin na yun! hehehe

  5. ay cguro nakasali na ako top 5 but not considered blogger to do the same…kaya my gift pa rin cguro haha..antay ko lang sir Bill ask nya kung ano mailing add ko wakekekekek..ang gawin ko na lang yung first five na mag email sa akin ^^……

  6. Wonderful. I’m glad this thing is rolling. Remember, this is about the “thought” and “giving” part. Hey, that book sounds great =).

  7. Hi Mojo,
    Hey, you’re the first. Thanks too for also doing the contest in your blog. I will send the book to your address or I might bring it to Baguio in case I go up this Christmas break. Thanks again.

    Hi Kent,
    Will bring in to Sagada then. Thanks.

    Hi FBI,
    Thanks for joining, you could do it after you finish your deadlines 🙂

    I’ll text you later about how to give the book to you before you leave Q.C.

    Hi Nats,
    Thanks. Yup, you’re in the top five. Email me your address so I’ll send you a copy.

    Hi Ganda,
    Thanks. I’ll give your copy to FBI 🙂

    Hi Kayni,
    Thanks for starting something like this. Will send you a copy too 🙂

    Hi Ellen,
    Naka-abot ka pa. Email me your address so I’ll send you a copy. Thanks.

  8. darn di umabot sa top 5! hehehe pero this concept is nice, would love to post the same to my blog pero (di ako umabot e, kaya maki-click na lang ako sa mga first 5 bloggers).

  9. Hi Arcibald,
    Pasok ka na rin kasi I still have books to give out. So you’re free to do it in your blog and I’ll find a way to give you a copy of the hard to read book I mentioned. Thanks.

  10. wow thanks. hehehe
    sige will have to think of what to give out, and post a similar one this weekend.

    by the way, i’m planning to go back to bakun this end of december. hopefully matuloy as i sorely miss the ambiance of the town.

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