Kaigorotan.com, our Other Home, is Online

Hello, everyone. Our other home, kaigorotan.com, is online. Yup, this is the domain you won for us when you did all that clicking last October.

Actually, kaigorotan.com has been online since November 6 when Tina of My Good Finds set it up. (Thanks Tina.) But I’m only making the announcement now because it took me forever to learn about WordPress, to pick a suitable design, and to tweak it to my liking. The new blog is still a work in progress so expect some changes every now and then.

Now, are we moving to the new domain?

Not yet. And it depends. I first thought of immediately moving the contents of this blog to the new domain but I found out that the new blog won’t be recognized by PayPerPost and the other blog advertising networks. A blog has to be “live” for at least three months before they can be accepted to do sponsored reviews.

So what do we do? Well, maintain two blogs until we will be able to do sponsored posts in the new blog.

This means that From the Boondocks will continue, at least in the next few months, to be our main blog. We will continue to talk about anything and everything Igorot/iCordillera here.

Meanwhile, kaigorotan.com will be the venue where we will talk about national events or the things happening outside the boondocks. I think it’s about time to get out of our comfort zones and add our voices to the national discourse. Naks, national discourse ha? By the way, the new blog will also be the site where the Evil Bill Bilig will reign.

Around March or April or when the new blog will be qualified to do sponsored advertising, we might combine the two blogs and say, “Bye, bye Blogger/Blogspot. We love you but we have to move on. Thank you very much.”

But then again, we might continue this blog just so we will have an Igorot/iCordillera corner of our own which is unsullied by the bad/depressing news emanating from the nation’s capital hehe. It might also be good to have a place to go to in case we want to escape from Evil Bill’s politics, nastiness, and anti-Gloria sloganeering.

So we are not moving yet. And we may or may not move. We will know how it turns out around April 2008.

Tina is selling igorotblogger.com.
Now, those of you who want to have a domain of your own might want to buy igorotblogger.com which Tina is selling. She actually bought the domain for us when we won but we requested for a different domain name, i.e., kaigorotan.com. She very graciously granted our request.

In case you are wondering why we asked for a different domain, here’s what we told Tina:

I think I owe you an explanation for wanting a new domain. I like igorotblogger of course but it is very obvious that it is a blog. During my early days of blogging I wanted to link my blog from wikipedia but some editor immediately deleted the link I placed because apparently blogs are not allowed. Although nakakalusot din yung ibang hindi obvious kaagad na blog.

The other reason is that I think igorotblogger is good for a personal blog so okay siya when I was just starting. But I think the blog has grown and it has grown mostly because of the community of commenters so I would like kaigorotan to be the new name because I think it is more inclusive and gives recognition to the blog’s contributors.

So thank you, thank you commenters for all the information and insights you shared. Your comments are what makes blogging a very satisfying exercise. Thanks also to those of you who emailed me your stories, pictures, etc. (For the record, I no longer want to link from wikipedia hehe.)

So I hope some of us will buy igorotblogger.com. As Tina said in her announcement, the “bidder must be able to prove Igorot ancestry. So your kantiao skills will prove to be useful.” (Hey Trueblue, maybe this is the reason why you haven’t started to blog yet. Aba, meron kang sariling domain kaagad, if you buy this.) Tina is selling the domain at US$19. Visit igorotblogger.com and read Tina’s announcement here.

Okidok? Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate your support. I hope you will also support our new blog by visiting it and adding your thoughts and insights there.

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9 thoughts on “Kaigorotan.com, our Other Home, is Online”

  1. Congratulations on your move to wordpress. I have a suggestion: since you will be studying wordpress to begin with, why not make kaigorotan start with wpmu (multi user) so that your other ka-‘tribo’ can join you in this wonderful endeavor?

    I will email you now on how you can support this easily using your hosting account.

  2. so that’s why you’re still on blogspot. nagtataka nga ako. hehe. uy, EB tau next week. i’ll be there next week. email mo ako, pare.

  3. cheers to the new domain! guess my comments then on the sample posts were premature LOL.
    indeed, wordpress has features not available here 🙂

  4. Hi Baguio Insider,
    Thanks for the suggestion and the email. As I said, maybe we will do that once I familiarize myself with wordpress which is quite challenging to learn 🙂 Thanks.

    Hi Ellen,
    Thank you very much 🙂

    Hi Wil,
    It’s also because it’s hard to leave my first home. At its so easy here compared to wordpress. I emailed you my contact numbers. Thanks.

    Hi Ganda,
    Thanks. And thanks for commenting there 🙂

    Hi Lepan,
    Thanks 🙂

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Thanks. I’ll strive to make all of us proud of it para di masayang ang inyong pagod at suporta 🙂

    Hi Jane,
    Okay lang yun. I accidentally deleted the post where you commented when I was looking for a suitable theme. My apologies for that. Pero comment ka na lang ulit doon. Thanks.

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