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Sometimes I come across things that make me shake my head because I don’t know what to say. The above video is an example.

I’ve watched it five times but still can’t say whether it’s good and cool or bad and silly. I don’t know whether to appreciate Bob for wearing our wanes/wano/bahag or to hope that he’s banished to kingdom come for appropriating our cultural attire to make a spectacle of himself.

I think much of my uneasiness with what Bob is doing here is the fact that he’s “out of context” or wala sa lugar. I don’t mind people using our things but I do hope that they use it the right way.

And what’s the right way? I think it’s the way we ourselves use them. Nowadays, we use our bahags for special occasions so it has become a special attire for us. We don’t use it to frolic around like what Bob is doing here. (He’s in Makati, by the way.)

But that’s just me. What do you think? Well, vote in the poll below.

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25 thoughts on “What Do You Think?”

  1. …i had a laugh while watching this…if only he had worn a banner saying he is an Igorot (pero d naman xa Igorot)…i dunno what to think…mix emotions ako e…cool na hindi na ewan…

  2. Bill,

    You know what I think? That guy cavorting in his bahag in the street of Makati City is either out of his mind or plain stupid.

    Let me call my batch who is assigned with the Makati Police. I’ll tell him to keep an eye on this guy. If he sees this guy the next time around with his bahag, he should order him to take-off that bahag and go home stripped naked.

    Bill, how’s that for a quick lesson in “good manners and right conduct”?

  3. I clicked on the “bad and silly” button. Just what is the guy thinking? I’d say he is stupid! This is not at all funny.

  4. very sad for us who “live” igorot. siyempre kala niya bida siya or is doing us and the igoy people good. on second thought, why do people like him do it? have we or some of us encouraged them to behave so? take ko lang diyan, and pagkaigorot kasi is “isinasabuhay” yan hindi ina-IIC hindi dinisdisplay yan as if commodity. remember when “american missionaries” got “pitapit and other igorots for display” in american fairs? the mindset of that scooter bum is in the same mould. do we really need to dress up ngamin just to play the gongs and show the world that we are igorots? or just live igorot naturally the way our forebears did? bring out the gongs, plow,gamig,smoke tabako, menkape etc when “needed”… ni looking at that scooter guy ket makaungetak ketdin..sori

  5. I think Bob has gone overboard with his wearing of the bahag in Makati–of all places–I mean he’s done it along Session Road baring his Caucasian skin that made my head turn and shake it due to bewilderment, but in Makati that is more of like a strip show. I think he just wants make himself as a center of attention more like KSP-ish. Can I make a similar post as well…I think this is a not-so-normal case of lack respect to the Igorots.

  6. i feel ashame in two ways…first, i am ashamed that this guy can bravely do that (i mean actually wear a bahag and go around walking na walang malisya)’wala siyang hiya’..2ndly, i am also ashamed in the sense of ‘nakakahiya ung ginawa niya’..’walang hiya xa…nakakaboil ng dugo…one of my friends who saw it said ‘baliw ba yan?’


  7. Oooopppsss…I think he’s not the same guy I saw in Session Road last month…but I think he’s just goofing around…I think it’s disrespect to the Igorots…

  8. It’s in poor taste. The worst part: it’s not even funny. If you’re going to make a video and list it as comedy (which he does in the youtube description), at least make it funny.

  9. i do not see any thing good, funny or whatsoever…at first i thought he was like a traffic officer or trying to assist people….but wala namang ipinakitang maganda:(

  10. I don’t see his point. Was he trying to convey a message? What’s his message?

    It’s pointless. I think he can use his time for better purposes.

  11. Ay asi’ na! I’m “echoing” all the comments above so with Nashman’s: “its supposed to be functional wear for the tropics”. But, not with: “nothing wrong with it”.

    Silly Bob!

  12. para siyang binalatan na saging na hilaw!

    comedy ang category ng video? ang lagay pala eh nagpapatawa ang mga taong hanggang ngayon eh nagsusuot pa ng ganyan? (cuz i still see a few old men wearing bahag for daily wear in our village)

  13. “EXHIBITIONIST! O kulang sa pansin.
    He should be arrested. Or run over, he he he.”

    i like this best…xa na lang sana binangga nung tangke na nagcrash sa manila pen the other day..wahaha…

    oa ba ako….naiinis na ako e…i started laughing about it pero nakakainis pala pag paulit-ulit..wheew…



  14. I’ll reserve judgment on this one until Bill, or someone gets to interview him and find out what his real intentions are. It could be good, or he is a mental case.


  15. wow, another ksp hehehe.. thats in front of The Shang Condominium along dela rosa sreet in makati.

  16. Thanks, Edwin, for giving a hint of the location in Makati.

    Now, my batch at the Makati Police (“liquidation squad”)can find the “Wacko”, and teach him a quick lesson.

  17. Wearing a bahag with dignity and pride — ok. ‘Scootering’ around in a bahag — silly — and insulting to the Cordillera natives!

  18. where in hell did he got the idea ay “menwanes” dat menscooter. Anyway lets find out who and why he did it..what ever reason he has must be good.. no maid “MENSEEK” sha hehe..hey anonymous that idiot really needs a quick lesson in good manners and right conduct.

  19. Hi FBI,
    Thanks. LOL about that banner thing. That would have also demonstrated his banner-carrying skills 🙂

    Hi Anonymous (10:39)
    Thanks. I think stripping him off would be an effective “GMRC” lesson 🙂

    Hi Jane,
    Thanks for voting. You ask the same question I asked about what he is thinking.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Good point about ang pagka-Igorot ay isinasabuhay. Hmm, didn’t know that Pitapit was displayed. Is he related to Governor Hilary Pitapit Clapp who was executed after WWII. Thanks.

    Hi Mojo,
    Thanks. Didn’t know that there’s another one doing this kind of thing in Baguio.

    Hi J,
    Maybe it should be the guy who should be ashamed rather than us. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Wil,
    Didn’t realize that he categorized it as comedy. You’re right, it is not funny at all. Thanks.

    Hi Abella,
    Maybe it would have been more acceptable is he was assisting people, at least he is doing something good habang naka-bahag. Thanks.

    Hi Nashman,

    Hi Kayni,
    Oo nga. I was thinking of the same, what’s his message, question. Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous 12:50
    Hehe, I’m not sure though if I want him arrested. Kasi if he’s arrested then baka arestuhin din ang mga Igorot na naka-bahag 🙂 Thanks.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Thanks 🙂

    Hi Ganda,
    Good point re: the category thing. Baka nga his point is to make fun of g-string wearing people. Thanks.

    Hi J,
    You’re right there. Nakakainis pala pag paulit-ulit.

    Hi Trublue,
    Let me see if I can get in touch with him via his youtube account. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Edwin,
    Thanks 🙂

    Hi Anonymous 6:20
    Thanks. Just make sure that your batchmake will only strip him. Mahirap na kung “liquidate” ang mangyayari 🙂

    Hi Baguio Insider,
    Thanks for adding your perspective. At least mukhang we are not being overly sensitive. Thanks.

    Hi adam&me,
    Hehe, baka idemanda ka pa niya no “se-em” siya. I’ll try to get in touch with him as I told Trublue. Thanks 🙂

  20. ahh maputi pala and igorot hindi
    pala maitim at kulot and buhok” kuna adi piman ti tagamakati. uray tadta ket adda ti haan nga akin ammo.

  21. Hi Anon (7:29)
    Hehe. Oo nga. Something like, “Ay Igorot ka pala. Eh bakit hindi ka ganoon.” Thanks 🙂

    Hi Anon (11:52)
    So ginawa na tayong object of betting? Yaiiks. Thanks.

  22. Hi Bill,

    Sinagot na po yan ng isang “ijeklalato” sa quezon city because when asked “Igorot ka ba?”, she answered, “Hindi, parents ko lang”! Haaayyyy! Iman nan laking manila pero binti niya di maitago na katulad kong “mountain climber” he he he….

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