Let There Be Light

Remember the first time electricity came to your town or barangay? I was in elementary school when it came to my village. If I remember correctly, they “turned the light on” during the birthday of President Marcos, September 11. Tapos sabi nila, gift daw iyon ni Macoy sa mga iSagada. Talk about patronage politics and building a personality cult.

Anyways, I have to admit that I once thought that you will die if you touch the electric wires inside the house. What do I know, hehe. I’m not from the boondocks for nothing.

So why all this talk about electricity? Because I’m excited for our kailiyans in five Mayaoyao barangays who will soon be having electricity. I’m sure it will make life easier for them. We hope that our officials and the power cooperatives will continue to bring light to the villages. Go Ifelco!

5 Mayoyao villages soon to have lights
by Mhars Ligawon/Baguio Midland Courier

MAYOYAO, Ifugao – Relative to the rural electrification program of the national government, the Ifugao Electric Cooperative (Ifelco) is working for the full energization of this municipality.

Jovita Allaga, officer-in-charge of Ifelco, said that their office is fast-tracking the construction of distribution lines of five more Mayoyao barangays namely Alimit, Nalbu, Inwaloy, Palaad, and Langayan to be fully energized.

Funded under the commercial operation of Magat Hydro Electric Power Plant from the Department of Energy and the National Electrification Administration, the construction of distribution lines is about 95 percent complete and expected to be finished this March to benefit 431 households of the identified barangays.

“I hope that the energization of these five barangays will be of great help to the people especially in the promotion of peace and order in the area and upliftment of their economic status,” she said.

Allaga said that a pre-membership seminar is being conducted in the barangays to educate them on how to become a member of the cooperative; know the duties and functions of a member; how to avail themselves of the services and the laws; and policies governing the cooperative.
She also said that the realization of the project is through the untiring support of Ifugao Rep. Solomon Chungalao under his electrification program.

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