Cordillera Christmastowns

Photos courtesy of the Christmaspiece blog.

The Philippines, as we all know, has a very long Christmas season. It starts in September when malls begin selling those plastic Christmas trees and when radio stations start playing those silly songs about red-nosed-reindeers, sleighs-that-dash-through-snows, and lords who leap in the air.

This long season is beyond silly. But I think it helps us Filipinos keep our sanity considering the bad news and the craziness that bombard us all year round.

Anyway, my neighbor just put up his blinking Christmas lights, officially starting the season in our neighborhood. Though it’s not really Christmas yet, let’s follow his lead and kick off the season with these pictures of “Christmaspieces” which won silver medals in last year’s nationwide “Christmaspiece” competition.

The top photo shows the winning entry from Luna, Apayao while the bottom one is the winning entry from Bangued, Abra. I’m not sure if there is a similar competition going on this year but you can read more about last year’s contest in the Christmaspiece blog.

Excerpts on the winning entries that should interest us the most:

Bangued’s entry: “The first official entry to light up, Bangued’s Christmasterpiece is truly what it is – a masterpiece. Practically covering the whole town plaza, Bangued’s entry is a spectacle of lights and symbols… Abra’s capitol located in Bangued is shown all lighted up with a bigger-than-life cowboy towing a giant egg-shaped jar. The mayonnaise jar symbolizes prosperity for the whole province.”

Luna’s entry: “Luna’s Chrismasterpiece, a three-deck Christmas Tree, was a fruit of love of all sectors in the town. Standing in the middle of the town plaza, the giant Christmas tree is made of anahaw leaves (which grow abundantly in all the town’s 22 barangays), bamboo, rattan, twigs and wild vines all contributed by the barangays. Giant lanterns made of indigenous and recycled materials hang all over the town plaza…

Over-all, Luna’s landmark depicts the bayanihan spirit as well as perseverance of Lunanians. The first-ever landmark of its kind in the whole of Apayao, Luna’s Christmasterpiece according to the Mayor, is a reminder of God’s unending love for His people. Likewise, it is a reminder to people that despite the challenges and political crisis of our country, Christmas is a time for reconciliation, peace and love.”

So here we go, it’s now the time for reconciliation, peace, and love 🙂

2 thoughts on “Cordillera Christmastowns”

  1. They’re lovely homes – warm and bright. It’s still October though. Are those Christmas decorations already up? Very interesting.

  2. Hi Kayni,
    The pictures were actually taken last year. I’ll edit the entry to make it clear. But yes, some people start decorating their homes in October. Yup, interesting indeed 🙂

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