Trivia: Head-Shaped Apayao

Ever wondered why, when you look at a map, the province of Apayao is shaped like a man’s head? Si Marcos daw ang may kagagawan niyan.

According to an activist Ilokano friend, the ex-President/dictator/thief wanted to be immortalized as someone who watched over his beloved Ilocos so he had the Kalinga-Apayao (these two used to be one province) boundaries redrawn to resemble his head. So now, we have a head-shaped Apayao looking towards the Ilocos provinces.

We’re not sure if our friend’s story is true but it is not impossible for Marcos to redraw a map just so he will be as immortal as the gods. After all, isn’t his body still preserved and displayed for curious onlookers? And didn’t he build that stupid a-la Mt. Rushmore bust of his in Tuba, Benguet so we will gaze upon his likeness forever and ever. [Thank God the NPAs blasted the darned thing.]

Anyway, as we were saying, we’re not sure if our friend’s story is true so take this information with a grain of salt. But maybe you have heard of a similar tale which supports our friend’s story?

P.S. We know of course that we can resolve the issue by simply comparing a pre-Marcos and a post-Marcos map but then we won’t have anything to blog about hehe.

10 thoughts on “Trivia: Head-Shaped Apayao”

  1. With F. Marcos’ mangled intelligence , anything is possible. Remember the story of the Stone Age tribe-‘Tasaday’? It was said as one of Marcos government hoax to generate tourism.

    Here’s an excerpt I really like from James Hamilton-Paterson’s article(LostAnd Found) about the Tasadays:

    …Right from the beginning everybody wanted something from these people who owned nothing. Manda wanted limelight; the Marcoses wanted virtue; anthropologists wanted a career exclusive; media folk wanted dewy pictures and stories of prelapsarian free love; depressed townies wanted a frisson of primitive transcendence; missionaries wanted them for Jesus; and a rabble of loggers, prospectors, Islamic and Christian guerrillas wanted their land…

  2. That could also be Imelda’s signature head. Makes me wonder if she washes her hair daily, seems like she sleeps/wakes up like that! Cheers….

  3. Hi Anitokid,
    Thanks. Looks like a good time was had by all based on your pics 🙂

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Yup, that Marcos is one twisted guy. Thanks for the info re the Tasaday hoax. It’s really dehumanizing the way they used people to pose as Tasadays.

    Hi Trublue,
    Or maybe she spends lots of hours everyday to fix it hehe.

  4. Ay sus, is this really true? Nahaha… What an idea! But I have a more ingenious alternative, Sir B. Alisin mo na lang yung picture ni Marcos at sabihin na lang natin na parang ulo ni Macliing Dulag ang Kalinga-Apayao. Better pa!

  5. She was serious naman when she was talking about it. But sometimes activists have a weird sense of humor so baka nagbibiro. On the other hand, maybe the pictures are the proof hehe.

    Hi Chi,
    Thanks for dropping by again 🙂

  6. Good theorizing for entertainment purposes only.

    Nevertheless, the image is creepy.

    The theory does not hold water though. During the Marcos regime (post-Martial Law), the Cordillera was divided by the powers that be. Region I had Benguet, Mountain Province and Abra. Region 2 had then Kalinga-Apayao and Ifugao .

  7. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. You’re correct of course that the Cordi provinces were then part of two different regions. However, I don’t see how this fact would affect the boundaries (or the shape) of Kalinga-Apayao.

    But as I stated above, maybe my friend was making a good/weird joke about the matter. Cheers 🙂

  8. now i really realized that marcos used a dictorial leadership. i didn’t really wonder about it.

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