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The Sagada Song / Hymn

This post is dedicated to the Sagada-philes among you and for the iSagadas away from home. I think the song was written and composed by Dennis Faustino of St. Mary’s School. Video credit goes to shayenne88.

Just a correction on the lyrics that you’ll see in the video:
* It’s “traveled hills” not “troubled hills”
* It’s “all laden with pine” not “O’laden with pines”
* It’s “dressed in green” not “dress in green”
* It’s “spawned my love” not “spoiled my love”

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No to Caretakers, Men Botos Tako Ketdin

So we’re not the only ones who believe that appointing a “caretaker” (or undertaker as one of you wittily stated in the comments) has no basis in law. Read the write-up of Greg Taguiba below which also makes the same argument. (By the way, thanks to our tipster who alerted us about Greg’s article.)

As we said earlier, instead of proposing this caretaker nonsense, our officials should be working to ensure that a special election is held. Para naman marinig ang boses ng tao kung sino ang gusto nila.

Currently, we have some politicians pushing for the appointment of Baguio Rep. Domogan as the Mt. Province caretaker. Then, according to Greg’s article, “the camp of the late congressman is pushing for the appointment of Kalinga Rep. Manuel Agyao”. One of you also wrote here that Benguet Rep. Samuel Dangwa suggested Ifugao Rep. Solomon Chungalao as the caretaker. As things go, I think the only “non-biased, no hidden agenda” suggestion is the one that comes from the Benguet Congressman.

Still, the best thing to do really is to get the will of the people. Who do they want as their Congressional representative? Only an election will determine this. The problem with this “caretaker” nonsense is that once a “caretaker” is appointed, those who lobbied for his/her appointment will be less inclined to work for the holding of a special election.

So no to caretakers. Yes to a special election. Masapol adi ay boses nan ipugao nan madnge. Cha, owen man.
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