The Sagada Song / Hymn

This post is dedicated to the Sagada-philes among you and for the iSagadas away from home. I think the song was written and composed by Dennis Faustino of St. Mary’s School. Video credit goes to shayenne88.

Just a correction on the lyrics that you’ll see in the video:
* It’s “traveled hills” not “troubled hills”
* It’s “all laden with pine” not “O’laden with pines”
* It’s “dressed in green” not “dress in green”
* It’s “spawned my love” not “spoiled my love”

I think there are other minor corrections but I’m not 100% sure myself so let’s let it stand for the moment.

By the way, kudos to the person who made the video.

Want to read more on Sagada? Click here. Especially check out this one.

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