Happy Easter From the Boondocks

Bayyo. Bontoc. Mt. Province. Photo: Gloria Tuazon.

What do you do during Easter? I used to attend an ecumenical Easter sunrise service but my lazy bones are cranky and are not willing to be hauled early in the morning to attend the service held in the other edge of town. But I should be going to church to fellowship with other Igorots in the city. Happy Easter to all of us. Have fun hunting those Easter eggs. Thanks for all your support.

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter From the Boondocks”

  1. hey! this is not the true image of bayyo. where did you capture that image? i am from bayyo. my home town ibayyo is more beautoful than that..

  2. hala! that is not the true picture of bayyo, i am from bayyo that is why i know, where did you capture that image? shocks, ang layo sa totoong larawan..

  3. this photo was shot at nadotog side that’s why look like that… so confirm this picture is bayyo…

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