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Haaay, Congressman V.D.

We don’t want to spend our time criticizing the Honorable Representative of Mt. Province, Congressman Victor Dominguez because 1) he is getting old in years and 2) to be honest, we also admit that we grudgingly respect his achievements as a politician.

To have maintained a long political career — spanning from the 70s (?) to the 2ks — speaks of his ability to harness whatever political tools there are that one needs to remain in power or to win in the game of politics.

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Boon Award: Evelyn Taguiba

“Our mission is to prepare the students to survive in the ever changing outside world, so that when they graduate from high school and pursue their studies in the cities, they will be at par with others in training. This is where the need to be connected is very important, where the information they need are just waiting at their fingertips, even while they live a great distance from the cities.”

The above statement is attributed to Evelyn Taguiba, principal of Mountain High School in Bontoc. She was recently recognized by the Civil Service Commission as Cordillera’s Most Outstanding Principal in 2006.

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Pictures of the Day

So I was googling my time away and found the picture above. He is identified as a man from Butbut, Tinglayan and is supposed to be modeling the indigenous weave of Kalinga. The picture is part of a book called Sinaunang Habi which was published by former Senator Nikki Coseteng.

Which of the following would best describe your reaction to the photo above:
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Fun Videos: Start Them While They’re Young

Aren’t you glad someone invented Youtube? Here’s a delightful Youtube video of two iFontok kids learning to dance the pattong and the Igorot boogie. Two thumbs up to the parents of these children and the adults who are directing them off camera.

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Bishop Claver on Vote Buying and Selling

Our favorite Catholic bishop and kailiyan Bishop Francisco Claver has an interesting article on vote buying and selling which every Filipino voter should read before they go to the polls on May 14. Our good bishop gets a little bit snarky in this article which is why we are “stealing” it from the Inquirer. Way to go bishop.

Buy and sell
By Bishop Francisco F. Claver, S.J.
When our village philosopher, a wizened Bontoc Igorot of uncertain age, heard a few weeks ago that the government was going to shell out P40 per day to hungry people (according to a report in one of the papers), he remarked: “Is that the new way of buying votes?”

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