Fun Videos: Start Them While They’re Young

Aren’t you glad someone invented Youtube? Here’s a delightful Youtube video of two iFontok kids learning to dance the pattong and the Igorot boogie. Two thumbs up to the parents of these children and the adults who are directing them off camera.

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7 thoughts on “Fun Videos: Start Them While They’re Young”

  1. Very cute! These cute kids are very talented and obviously grew around canao music and movement.

    They must like playing “pretend canao” with neighborhood children using cans, pot covers, and anything they find that makes sense to them!

    This reminds me of bagbagto….

    National Treasure Angel M. Pena launches his biography ” A Man and His Music” on June 13, 2007 4pm at Escaler Hall, Science Education Complex, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Ave, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

    One of his composition is Igorot Jazz Fantasy based on Bagbagto. Check the sound at:

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Hope other kids will also have the opportunity to learn like them ano. Thanks for that link. I’ve always been intrigued by the Igorot Jazz Fantasy so its good to listen to it. It would be interesting to know how Angel Pena decided to incorporate Bagbagto in his composition. It sounds good.

  3. i am happy watching them…if only my son behaves my video din sya sana…pag wala akong dalang video he is very active dancing his mother’s dance of origin “Balballan salidsid or salip” pero pag my camera ako kahit anong suhol hiyang hiya ang pusang alaws..hehehehe

  4. Hi Nats,
    Thanks. He really looks smart in the pictures in your blog. Hmm, anya ngata ti mabalin nga pang-awis kanyana tapno kayatna nga mavideo. Maybe we should show him first a video of Trublue dancing. Ano Trublue, are you up to the challenge na sumayaw? Sige na para ma-engganyo ang tsikiting ni Nats na magpavideo. Thanks again.

  5. That’s just so precious, Bill. So cute! Thanks for sharing and for the smile 🙂

  6. Actually I do have a video of me dancing w/o da g-string. Just can’t do it even w/da briefs!
    Well, most kids are like those of Nats. No camera, they do their antics but mabain dan sa laeng ta baka haan nga perfect ti acting da if da camera is present..hehe….

  7. Hi Omom,
    You’re welcome 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    Ay sayanng. Maybe we will have you dance with a wanes when you come home again to RP 🙂 Thanks.

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