The Boondock Awards

Do you love awards? If you do then you might want to help us in this award giving exercise which we are going to name the Boondock Awards.

There will be two awards. The first one, which we are calling the Boo Award is for our kailiyans who need some friendly reminder that they have strayed or are straying from the right path.

The second award, which we are calling the Boon Award is for those who have done something good and whose acts should be recognized and encouraged. This award is our way of giving the thumbs up to our kailiyans who’ve done a good thing.

We’re sure you are familiar with the origin of the names of our two awards. Boo, of course, is an interjection which is used to express disapproval. Boon, on the other hand, is a noun which means “a benefit bestowed” or “a blessing or benefit“.

So if you know of any kailiyan who deserves either the Boo or the Boon award, do bring them to our attention in the comments section or through email ( Thanks.


5 thoughts on “The Boondock Awards”

  1. Boon Award: Bad Roads, Good People
    *Maraming Boon Award deserving Igorots but I was most struck by the short video clip. Igorot power and spirit talaga.
    Boo Award: Elections Postscripts
    *This one bothers the Igorot soul and spirit.

    Of course, Igorot Blogger deserves kudos (a boon award to itself) for layout or presenation design, open-ended choices of what to feature, and fairness in processing opinions. Nak

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Thanks. Good suggestions. I don’t think the Igorot Blogger deserves an award though hehe. Baka sabihin ng iba na tayo ay hilo(crazy) for inventing an award and giving it to ourselves. It would be like GMA appointing COMELEC officials to ensure that she will win in elections. But thanks for the compliments 🙂

  3. Hahaha…I love this concept, Bill. Gosh, I really have been out of touch with the boondocks…been sorta busy lately but thought I’d drop by to see what’s up in the boondocks. A lot, I see….
    Keep up the great write-ups.

  4. Hi Omom,
    Hey, glad to have you back. Like Trublue, I miss your blog updates and wondered what happened to you. Thanks 🙂

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