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  1. Bill, I am really concerned that nothing is being heard about Jocelyn’s opulent employers, other than that they own a $15M mansion. The silence raises some questions. Personally, I am kindo of upset and, at the risk of inciting to speculations, say that something does not seem right in the picture.

    Also, I am wondering why such people with so much wealth to whom $10K is but a small drop in the bucket are not seemingly helping in the fundraising drive for Jocelyn’s body’s repatriation. It is a crying shame.

    We continue to pray for strength for Jocelyn’s family and for ourselves. For we, even if we did not know Jocelyn when she was alive, identify with her.

  2. That’s another sad part of her story and the countless OFW’s – the reality that she was one of those educated ones only to work as a maid. And news outlet keeps repeating her background.
    So folks, don’t be alarmed when in one Sitcom of Racist American TV – a white employer mocks the gardener or the maid and ask: so what degree you got in the Philippines? Get those petitions ready…
    Wouldn’t be surprised if the male employer or his accomplish are part of this sinister crime.
    If he is not, they should borne all the expenses of her return and hand all monies from fundraising to her immediately and child left behind.

  3. I hope the media and the blogsphere will hype this up more than the Desperate Housewife issue!

    For his employer not paying for her body to get home is for me A CRIME ITSELF!

    For the OWWA’s statements and denying Jocelyn from any help is KILLING HER TWICE!

    I just don’t know how this slaps the president’s face with her “Bagong Bayani” effect!

    I’m soooo very angry!

  4. Hi Anitokid,
    No problem,kabayan. Thanks again 🙂

    Hi Chyt,
    Good point. But as I said in other threads, maybe they are helping but we don’t know about it. Silent role kumbaga. I think we will eventually find out in the coming days as new developments arise. I’m with you in praying for strength for her family and ourseselves. Yup, it’s quite easy to identify with Jocelyn. Her story is today’s Everyman’s story. Chyt, I hope you also blog about this to build more public awareness of the case. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    Good point. I think migration experts call this the de-skilling effect of migrant work whereby people who have a higher level of training/education accept jobs that do not require much skill and so lose all the skills they once had. It’s very common sa ating mga Pinoy. Thanks.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Kaya I encourage all of us to also blog about it to make more people aware. So far only Anitokid and Jibrael picked up the issue. So iblog mo na rin because its very important for us. Thanks 🙂

  5. Bill, I took your challenge. I blogged about Jocelyn’s case by reproducing your Julia and Jocelyn article with comments of my own.

    I thought it was enough that you blogged about it because you have a wide readership but I later on realized that when others blog about it, the more publicity the case will get. IT truly needs publicity because it is what makes this government move at times.

  6. Under Community Section of this blog, just checked Ifugaos.Org and their last entry was something called “Badang”. I would think they would be in the forefront of this news instead of you, Chyt, and the AnitoKid. But they have none. Sure is lamentable.

  7. Hi Chyt,
    Thanks for taking on the challenge. As I said, we should continue to focus on this until Jocelyn goes home and until her killer is brought to court. Thanks again.

    Hi Trublue,
    I think we are all helping in different ways. You know, like a body with different parts and we can’t all be doing the same thing. We just happened to be bloggers who do this kind of thing while others are doing a different job that are just as relevant. But you are right in that more publication of this case will not hurt as we look for justice(from the courts in Canada) and compassion (from our government authorities at home). Thanks again 🙂

  8. Finally, she is coming home. Her remains will be arriving discretely today 10/18. Salamat at makikita na rin namin sya, hindi na nga lang makausap 🙁

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