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We told you earlier that we will be coming up with some tidbits about this blog. Here’s a start. In this post we will share with you the interesting keywords typed in search engines (Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc) which led some visitors to this blog. Here it goes:

1. “Where to find Mompo wine.” Trublue’s comment about sipping Mompo wine made us the number one site to go to for those typing said keywords in Google. Trublue’s comment is here.

2. “How to say I love you in Ifugao.” This must have been typed by a lovesick non-Ifugao very much in love with an Ifugao. Sorry buddy, we unfortunately don’t know the answer but maybe our readers can help. Google directed the visitor to an unrelated post here. Update: Imakaiw helped us with the translation: I love you is “Pinpinhod daka” in Ifugao. Thanks Imakaiw!

3. “Starting a folk singing bar in Kiangan, Ifugao.” This is from Yahoo according to our visitor tracker but when we “yahooed” said words hindi naman lumabas itong blog. Anyway, I’m not sure if putting up a folk bar in Kiangan would be a good idea.

4. “Sagada, marijuana” Huh Sagada! The town really has a reputation as the marijuana capital of the country. Personally, we don’t have a problem with marijuana and we don’t think it is as evil as authorities paint it to be. But so long as marijuana remains illegal, do iSagadas really want to have their town’s good name closely identified with it? Related post here.

5. “Martin Nievera, Igorot“. Apparently, he has some Igorot blood in him. Frank Cimatu has a story about the singer and quotes Martin as saying: “I am an Igorot by injection.” Related comment here.

6. “Why Kalingas headhunt” and “headhunting in Sagada“. To the misinformed googlers, Kalingas and iSagadas no longer headhunt. It was a practice among Igorot/iCordillera tribes in the past but the practice has thankfully gone with the wind. The post where headhunting was mentioned is here (and this one is somewhat related).

6. “Richard Schneidewind“. In case you forgot, this man brought some Igorots in Europe to display a-la St. Louis World Fair. He then abandoned them when his venture failed. Read the post here.

7. “ is a chicken“. We vehemently disagree with whoever googled those words. is probably the liveliest Cordillera forum around and its members can be quite critical of the powers that be. That is far from being a chicken.

8. “Follow the leader,lead,leader by the soca boys”. These keywords have something to do with the controversial video of wgacusana which you can view here.

9. “Political party of Manuel Agyao”. We also don’t know. And it’s hard to care about what parties Filipino politicians belong too because they change parties as often as the administration changes. But those of you looking for info about the new Kalinga Congressman might want to read this.

10. “‘Kay Susan Tayo’ underwear“. Interesting search words, ano? We haven’t posted anything about underwears but we did blog about Kay Susan Tayo here.

That’s it for now. We hope to come up with a Part II because we still have to look at the remaining key words [about 70% of them].

UPDATE: We’re honored to be featured by the AnitoKid in his blog. You should check it out here. Thank you AnitoKid for the unexpected treat. We owe you 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Blog Visitors: Your Search Words”

  1. I like this post. Quite humorous and interesting. I mean the underwear and Sagada marijuana, those who searched for the words are sick. And Martin Nievera, an Igorot really? The things that blogs can scoop up are simply incredible.

    And cheers to your new layout! 🙂

  2. It shows multitude of personalities
    searching for absolutely anything in the net. There must be lots of
    winos looking for the Mompo wine, hehe….at least naman, this leads
    to your blog and you are more exposed. GMA7 might end up featuring you in their Magpakailanman show. You’ll never know. Cheers and goodhealth….

  3. Hi Novice Blogger,
    Thanks. Hehe, weird nga yung underwear. Yung marijuana medyo sanay na ako na makarinig ng ganoon kasi may negative rep talaga Sagada tungkol doon. Yup, Bert Nievera, Martin’s dad is Igorot.
    Thanks much.

    Hi Imakaiw,
    Thanks a lot. It sounds like the Ibaloi, Pipiyan taha, ano. Will update the post to include your translation 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    Oo nga, I was surprised about the Mompo wine. And its hard to look for info about it sa web.

    Hehe, kahit walang Magpakailanman. Can’t imagine them depicting my dad, baka ihantulad kay Bembol Roco na dada ng dada. Thanks again.

  4. Ahahaha… Why would anyone search for the underwear of Susan? Tsk, tsk… It boggles the mind =)

    The mompo, I can understand hehehe… I have a seminarian friend, who would bring the Mompo wine for batch gatherings. I think he got it from their stocks =)

    Anitokid’s effort of commending your blog is nice. It’s about time! After all, you just celebrated the blog’s first anniv =) More power!

  5. Hi Fongakhan,
    Thanks. Maybe Susan’s TV program had an episode about underwears hehehe but I really don’t know 🙂

    Okay yung seminarian na iyan ah, eh di class ang inyong re-union wine.

    Thanks again.

  6. Wasn’t around when you posted that. So Trublue was like my Dad, he too was a ‘sakristan’ at Baguio Cathedral. I’ll phone him up tomorrow and ask if he has stories about those wine.

  7. hi lovelyn,
    i guess there are many benefits to being a sakristan 🙂 happy calling. thanks much.

  8. Hi FBI,
    Ganoon ba? Is that the more appropriate translation? Thanks and cheers to you too 🙂

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