Baguio-La Trinidad’s Tragedy of the Commons

The tragedy occurs when limited natural resources get depleted because individuals use them for their private interests and without regard for the common good. More about “tragedy of the commons” here.

The above image shows the situation of the Busol watershed. According to Art Tibaldo who sent us the photo, “If you are to count the pine and other trees in the map, I’m quite certain that their number is not more than the houses in Aurora Hill, Bayan Park, Marcoville and Trancoville combined.”

For more photos, and in case you want to help Art’s Bantay Busol movement, visit this website.

RELATED POST: Chi Balmaceda Gutierrez on the Uglification of Baguio. PHOTO CREDIT: Art Tibaldo.

11 thoughts on “Baguio-La Trinidad’s Tragedy of the Commons”

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  2. Hi Bill!
    Thanks for dropping by Mindanao Bloggers. Anyway, I am lending you the photo in my blog. I think there was a confusion in the message I left. I had a reservation since I do not have the permission of the models in my photo. But nonetheless, I can lend you that. (I was not able to delete “my reservation” statement in my reply. Since we have a common passion for Cordi, I might as well trust you on this.

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  3. This scenario about Baguio is scary. We need to counter act the problem and plant more trees. We need to save Baguio.

  4. Correct me if I is wrong but isn’t the denuded part of busol larger in the la trinidad jurisdiction?

    otherwise, scary…we need a new meningo scare to drive away people…
    or that baguio is haunted, full of crime, no water, lots of garbage, bad education system…

  5. Funny comment there by Nasman but it could really work.

    Let me go see that map and check if someone marked his domain in the middle of the woods LOL…

  6. Hi Jerome,
    Sure. Will be glad to exchange links 🙂

    Hi inkblots,
    Thanks for clarifying 🙂 I’m actually glad I found your blog because I love Mindanao. Can’t count the number of times I’ve been there. I’m not sure I’ll be able to visit the place anytime soon so I’ll visit your blogs instead. Thanks again.

    Hi Kayni,
    I know, quite scary indeed. The problem is that they might be running out of land where they can plant trees :-(. Thanks.

    Hi Nashman,
    Ganoon ba? To be honest, I don’t know where Busol is hehe. Will change the title to include La-Trinidad because this is their problem as much as Baguio’s.

    Yeah the meningo scare really did drove people away from Baguio ano. Another one like that just might be the solution hehe. thanks.

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Oo nga, it just might. Will wait for your report report if someone did (joke..) Art has close-up pictures in his website. Thanks.

  7. Yeah, I think Busol Reservation falls into both jurisdictions and the last time i was there I was told that la trinidad had no reforestation program in place. I hope they start planting as it’s easier to squat on cleared land…

  8. Water is getting very scarce in Baguio/La Trinidad. It is very alarming.

    Tree planting is one way of helping out, another way is blogging about people who are letting this happen.

    I do plan to retire in my hometown when I get old.

  9. hi nashman,
    thanks for the info 🙂

    hi tina,
    and the water is very expensive too. my brother was surprised to find out that i’m paying only about P70/month for my water bills in manila. sa baguio/trinidad yata it can go up to as much as P1,000/month.

    hope that your hometown won’t change that much but maybe it’s wishful thinking 🙂 thanks.

  10. this is really tragic. we’ve been losing our natural resources ever since – from trees to minerals even to our biological resources. and the government apparently is not doing a good job on this especially with its key aim to attract foreign investors in the country. not that i am solely blaming the foreigners and the government for this, also saying that each one of us may have a part in this continuous depletion of our resources whether through our indirect participation or inaction.

  11. Hi Arcibald,
    Well said, my friend 🙂 Each one of us have a role, either through action or inaction, in the depletion of our resources. I guess it’s good too that , even as we ask the government to do its job, we also examine our lifestyle particularly irresponsible consumerism. Thanks.

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