June 2007 Nursing Exam Results

Congratulations to the following examinees from Baguio schools who made it to the top ten:

Top 6: Cecilia Arceo Dacanay, Baguio Central University (BCU), 86.60
Top 9: Divina Zuerte Pasetes Diomampo, Pines City College (PCEC), 86.00

Congratulations too to St. Louis University for having a 99% passing rate (299 out of 302) which ties it for first place — among schools that have 100 and more examinees — with the Trinity University of Asia (Q.C.) and St. Paul University (Iloilo).

Pero, pinaka-winner ang St. Louis College of Bulanao (Tabuk City) because 100% ang passing rate nila. Although, it should be noted that it has only one examinee and that person passed.

Passing percentages of Cordillera-based schools:
St. Louis College of Bulanao: 100% (one out of one)
St. Louis University: 99% (299 out of 302)
Easter College Inc: 85% (95 out of 111) Edited: We stated earlier that 94 out of 110 examinees passed; we were off by one examinee.
Benguet State University: 79% (101 out of 128)
University of the Cordilleras: 60%(150 out of 248)
University of Baguio: 50% (263 out of 527)
Cordillera Career Dev’t College: 44%(11 out of 25)
Baguio Central University: 36% (233 out of 639)
Pines City College: 28% (277 out of 977)
Abra Valley College: 24% (7 out of 29)
Divine Word College of Bangued: 13%(5 out of 39)

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13 thoughts on “June 2007 Nursing Exam Results”

  1. I think it’s time to shut down those nursing schools in the bottom up to University of the Cordilleras.

    For the expensive tuition, the students and parents should get their money’s worth mainly by:
    1. Providing topnotch education
    2. Stricter quotas. These bottom rung schools are just taking the money and giving false hopes to those who shouldn’t have taken nursing in the first place.
    3. Actually having an affiliated hospital in the SAME province where they operate.

  2. Hi Nashman,
    Sad but true. The sadder thing is that now that the government is trying to close down schools with very low passing rates, these schools are now preventing their graduates from taking exams. They only release the papers of those who have a chance of passing.

    Sanamagan nga kuna ti bartikero.

  3. I don’t blame the Institution entirely but rather the students. BCU produced
    a number six topnotch, so she did her part despite BCU’s 36% passing rate.
    Even an obscure school in Tabuk produced a winner. There are just students who wilt during exams or just bobo gaya ko.
    Maybe some independent agency need to scrutinize the curriculum of those lowly producing Nursing schools if it’s up to par.

  4. Really Bill? Only those who have the chance to pass? How cruel ‘naman iman’!

    Same issue every time they release the results of NBE even before our PCEC days. No school was ever closed yet(speaking of CAR only). In fact, numbers of schools offering the said course are piling up.

  5. Hi Trublue,
    Yup, may part din ang estudyante. Pero grabe na rin talaga mga nursing schools dito. They are just making money out of their students. Nursing has the highest tuition fee kaya andaming schools na nagsulputan offering nursing. The thing is that the gov’t is not doing a good job in regulating these schools so it also shares part of the blame. Thanks 🙂

    Hi Lovelyn,
    Yup. I heard of it before about some schools here in Manila. And it came up here.

  6. While I agree that some BCU students definitely did their part, BCU still has a very lax screening process given their extremely low passing rate. The institution should be honest in telling students they’re not cut out for nursing. Had they very good standards, not only would they have the topnotcher, their passing rate will also have been higher.

  7. hi nashman,
    yup, a lot of schools are more interested in the tuition fee of their students so they don’t have any screening process at all. too bad.

    hi tina,
    thanks for dropping by again 🙂

  8. 01502I agree with The Nashman that topnotch education is the key. But how can we achieve topnotch education when the Arroyo Administration liberalized the nursing schools? The Commission on Higher Education is granting permits to nursing schools, left and right, front and back. There are so many nursing schools without adequate facilities but they were granted CHED permits. This is in line with GMA’s labor export policy. Our nursing labor is our most marketable export.

    At the height of the nursing exam scandal, we brought the issue of poor nursing education to the Senate. The concerned nursing leaders told the Senate that in 2004, there were 200-plus nursing schools in the country. By 2006, the figure rose to 470-plus. The Senators were shocked. I do not know what happened after the shock wore off. I heard that a Senator opened a nursing school. 🙂

    I scanned official data and found out that many nursing schools have been dismal performers (Translation: very poor passing rate, some as low as 0%, if that should even qualify as poor) for more than five years. What did the CHED do? Instead of shutting down the diploma mills, it authorized the opening of more schools. Understand me, my dearest Bill, if I do not share your optimism that the government is trying to close down non-performing schools. As a matter of policy, it should. The threats are mere rhetoric. The reality is you and I can open a school as long as we have the building.

    It is easy to understand why review centers are so “in-demand”- they provide what the schools do not – the proficiency to pass an exam. No wonder when the nursing grads pass the board, they thank the review centers, not the schools.

    Good grief! And good day!

  9. No allied hospital = no nursing school permit!!

    I was talking to my mom on the phone and she briefly mentioned that a boarder was going to the lowlands to do her practicals even if the nursing school is in Baguio……super gastos!

  10. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks. That’s a funny (but actually more sad than funny) about that Senator. Maybe we really should try this business ano? Mukhang instant money maker.

    Yeah, I think I was being too optimistic in saying that the government is doing something to close the bad nursing schools. A jump from 200-plus schools to 470-plus in only two years? Wow! That’s really something. Maybe it will double again in 2008. Thanks again.

    Hi Nashman,
    Agree diyan sa no allied hospital=no permit. Kawawa talaga mga estudyante, tinataga sila sa gastos. Thanks.

  11. Bill, by the way, Easter School is No. 10 nationwide. I find the record highly impressive because this batch of successful examinees (95 out of 111, not 94/110 as originally reported) is the first. Easter is No. 2 in the region.

    I am singling out Easter College because it is a school to which we Igorots seem to have a proprietary attitude. This is perhaps it has always been run by Igorots with Igorots dominating the faculty and student population. Furthermore, the current dean is the hardworking Ruth Thelma Peang-Tingda, the incumbent Governor of the Philippine Nurses Assocatione-CAR. She was one of the nursing leaders who exposed the cheating in the nursing exam of June 2007. To top it all, she is an Igorot – one of us. Her school’s phenomenal rise is ours to celebrate. Kua tako di!

    By the way, nrusing schools always managed to produce allied hospitals. There is a bigger conspiracy, don’t you think?

  12. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks. I was pleasantly surprised that Easter School did so well. It’s good to know the people behind this success. Hope they continue to give a good education to their students 🙂

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