Yohoo! Amerikanos Eating Kalinga Rice.

Kalinga farmers are preparing a third shipment of Unoy rice to the United States after demand for said rice variety increased. American consumers are said to prefer hand pounded rice because of its nutritional content; research has reportedly shown that hand pounding preserves the iron content of the rice. The bad news is that the growing demand for Unoy rice might encourage people to resort to a slash and burn farming system to expand their planting areas. Full report here.

Maybe we should continue with this “reverse cultural invasion” by sending dog meat to the Americans. It’s supposedly good for the skin, according to Koreans anyway. More here.

4 thoughts on “Yohoo! Amerikanos Eating Kalinga Rice.”

  1. Actually, the reason why there’s a huge demand of “red” rice in the US is because there’s been an increased movement of Igorots to the said place. Entonces, more Igorots wanting to make tapuey in the US. Seriously, the Americans are not aware that we do grow “red” rice in the Philippines. I should know.

  2. Ha ha. You got me there. Americans, for the most part, are clueless about the Philippines (and the rest of the world for that matter).

    Its good that Igorots continue to make tapuey even when they are abroad. (I wonder where they get the “bubod”?) So the demand, as you say, may be among Igorots in the U.S. But then, the rice is being shipped to Montana. Are there that many Igorots there? Or do they ship it first to Montana, then ship it again to other parts of the U.S.?


  3. Igorots are everywhere for one thing(contrary to what lowlanders think of course). As to where they get their bubod from? Well, they buy them when they go to the Philippines for a visit. About why they’re shipped to Montana, it’s possible that Montana is just a dumping ground and from Montana, they get shipped to other parts of the US.

    Sometimes, it amazes me when Igorots get out of their way to bring the bestest they can when they come visit their relatives in the US. It takes someone like me to be honest and say, “Just bring bubod and rice and a bottle of Tanduay Rhum”. Just make sure you declare them at the customs. It does makes the Igorot community happy at some point (that is when the tapuey gets fermented).

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