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Folks, let’s help a kailiyan win a blog contest and get featured as the Pinoy Blog of the Week. The Meliorist blogs about global warming which is an important issue to all of us global dwellers. Unfortunately, there are those who deny that there is such a thing as global warming; like Dubya and his cabal who invaded Iraq to get their hands on that country’s rich oil resources.

Anyways, how do we vote for The Meliorist? Simply visit her site, scroll down a bit, look at the brown/yellowish box in the left sidebar, check Savetheearth-now, click vote, and you’re done. I think you can also vote for it in the blog that does this Pinoy Blog of the Week contest but I can’t find it now.

The voting ends on Sunday, midnight (yata), Philippine standard time. I think you can vote more than once if you have a non-permanent IP.

Good luck, The Meliorist.

4 thoughts on “Vote for The Meliorist”

  1. oh! WOW! was really awestruck reading this in your post.
    i don’t know what to say…
    uh..m.. salamat salamat salamat….

    i hope what can be seen here is the advocacy that i am trying to further- advocacy to fight the present environmental concern- GLObAL WARMING. i pray that in my own little ways, I’ll be able to fulfill my Intergenerational Responsibility and be able to influence other to care for our nature.

    thank you soooo much…

    salamat kailiyan

  2. Gina is a trull lovable person and i like her blog so i’ll definitely vote for her. and if ever your blog gets nominated too, rest assure that you have my vote. i like how you featured sagada in this blog. have a pleasant day!!!

  3. i won this week’s contest and it’s because you were behind me. thanks a lot and thanks to lawstude too.
    i sincerely thank all those who voted for me, i know that it’s not the style nor the person behind ‘The Meliorist’ that you supported but the CAUSE which the writer is fighting and furthering for. i hope that through winning, many will discover my blog so that many will be aware of the environmental problem in our country. i don’t intend to be known, i intend that through this i may be able to influence others to be more aware of the present environmental issues and may instill in their minds their intergenerational responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for this present generation and generations yet unborn.

    thank you very much and hope you will always be behind my cause.

    im still nominated for this week and i know you’re just behind me. thanks a lot.


  4. Hi Gina,
    Oy congrats for winning. Agpa-inom ka met-a (joke joke). Thanks.

    Hi Lawstude,
    Thanks for dropping by. I’ve added you to the blogroll along with The Meliorist.

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