Text Message of the Day

The Baguio police denies ever having sent the text message below which is supposedly meant to warn the public of kidnapping attempts in the city:

“4ward po e2 ng Baguio City Police Office: positive and2 baguio mga nagki2dnap kids. Take note of d ff plate #’s VMM 507, OPD 434, VXE 351. Pls send 2 all ur family and frends.”

There’s no proof that vehicles with said plate numbers exist according to a policeman. Head over to Sunstar for the details.

By the way, do you think our propensity to use text language explains this infamous beauty pageant answer non-answer of Janina San Miguel. I tink so. Do u tink so 2? Mby she desrvs d title aftr ol? Wat u tink?

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