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Let’s help an Ifugao kailiyan, Aislynn Lanag Liao, who made it to the final round in a design competition. Her design, pictured above, is competing against 19 others. Please vote for her design here. You will be asked to type in some personal info (name, email, etc.) — I think to deter double voting — but that should not discourage you from voting for a talented kailiyan.

Voting ends on February 2, 2008 so make sure you vote before then. Thanks.

INFO SOURCE: hackenslash forwared from ifugaoyahoogroup.

2 thoughts on “Vote for a Kailiyan”

  1. Aislyn deserves your/our votes. Reviewed the rests of the entries, and hers virtually stood up. It’s very classy fashion-wise.
    After all, as Bill articulated, she is a Kailian. Know her family very well and she can trace part of her roots to Payeo, Besao from her great-grandfather (mother’s side) as well as Cavite, Ifugao, and of course, Chinese blood from her father.
    So, please hurry-up and vote just like what we did to Bill. If she wins, the tab is on me and I’m not kidding! Remember, you have to be a resident of the Philippines and 16 years old and beyond.
    Cheers to all and goodhealth as well. Nice to be back.

  2. Being an amateur Fashion Designer competing against more seasoned designers, Aislynn was quite delighted to snatched Second Place Prize of $1,000 last April 5. She is also a recent BS in Nursing graduate.
    Congrats kiddo! More power in the future. Thanks for your vote Bill and likewise to anyone. Cheers!

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