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Well, we’re sure you know that we’re not a fan of Baguio Congressman Mauricio Domogan (note: we used to like him when he was starting his political career) but we’re giving him credit for putting up a website which provides details on where his pork barrel is going. So let’s give the Congressman points for transparency. We hope that other Cordillera officials are just as transparent with their use of public funds so their constituents can see where these are being spent.

In the case of Congressman Domogan, click here if you like to see where he budgeted his pork barrel.

Now, it’s up to the people of Baguio to investigate if the projects listed by their Representative are worth the money that were supposedly poured into them. If they are, then we should give more points to Morris. If the projects turn out to be “for compliance only”, then we should deduct points from him.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Give Him Credit”

  1. i wonder what are the projects being done by thelgu-city 0f baguio. seems those projects of small amounts can be done by the lgu and not by the congressman.

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Good point. Hope the city LGU will also provide us with a record of its public spending. Thanks.

  3. One road in my barangay-i wouldn’t say which one-was recently concreted, thanks to the initiative of Congressman Domogan. What baffles me, though, is that while people were saying one (1) million pesos was allocated for the improvement of this road, the contractor concedingly costed it out at 850,000.00 pesos.

    Only when i visited did i learn of the true value of the pavement. Indeed, it’s one (1) million pesos, which means if the contractor said nothing but the thruth, 150,000.00 pesos just slipped into someone’s pocket.

    OOPS! One more thing: the contractor ran for city councilor last May 2007 carrying the “Timpuyog” banner. He didn’t make it.

  4. Of course, a point for transparency should be given Congressman Mauricio Domogan. But he should be credited only inasmuch as his website detailing where his pork barrel goes is concerned because, in the first place, all public officials are obliged to be transparent. Honestly said, there is an evident cloud in the manner his PDAF and DPWH funds are programmed. For instance, are the roads in East Quirino Hill, Middle Quirino Hill, and Purok 15 in Irisan so similar in their specifications, say length and width, that they all have to be allocated the same amount of 1 million pesos? Or are the roads in Pinsao Proper, Lamag Village, and Purok 27/28 in Irisan too identical that each have to be concreted in the same amount of 1 million pesos? I have seen these roads, and they are all different. Domogan’s website maybe good, but the pork barrel program in that website is a farce.

  5. May napuna po ako tungkol sa isang project niya na araw araw ko pong dinadaanan. Sa plywood po na ipinarada sa bukana ng kalsadang dinadaanan namin,ito po ang nakasulat: “continuation of concreting of drainage canal.” Sa website po ni Domogan eh ganito ang nakasulat: “Continuation of concreting of Rd and drainage canal….” HINDI PO KAYA MAY ANOMALYA DITO?

    1 million po ung project. Kung kanal lang po na hindi pa aabot ng 150 meters, obvious po na sobra-sobra ung 1 million. Pero kung kasama ung “Rd” na mababasa sa website ni congressman, palagay ko po eh kakasiya ung 1 milyon para matapos ito.

    Sana po merong magbigay ng paliwanag tungkol dito.

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