Video: Rizal, Kalinga Tragedy

Here’s a video of photos taken during and after the Rizal land dispute tragedy. It is sad, shocking, and not safe for the weak of heart. For us, the saddest portion of the video would be that picture of a handcuffed old man who was, from the looks of it, attempting to eat (or was he attempting to drink?).

PKalinga, the one who uploaded the video, asks some questions which we would like to echo here, “Is this the price of being poor? Or is it the price of lawlessness?”

Or could it be the price of both? We are working on a historical overview of this tragedy which we hope to upload in the coming days.

UPDATE: Be sure you check out the Voice of Kalinga which is regularly covering this tragedy. Thanks Katy.

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12 thoughts on “Video: Rizal, Kalinga Tragedy”

  1. those things happen when the other side does not recognized the rule of law..Their is only one thing being done before demolition,,,,,,,,,,, A notice to vacate and the people who refuses to vacate…..when things go wrong all fingers are pointing to the law enforcers which is a sad reality…

  2. I don’t think or even can’t imagine that poverty is one big factor..People in Kalinga can afford to eat 3x a day and much worst they can even buy guns which cost them at least 30k above..

  3. Can this happen in Baguio, sure, it’s population is over the cap for a long time. More are on the way!
    It’s sheer terror. Wonder who fired the first salvo…

  4. I think the government fires the first salvo through “notice to vacate” but the squatters fired the first bullet in defense of what they call is right..

  5. and then they’ll cry about human rights!
    The owners of the land squatted should have the right to shoot at them squatters, too.
    Yeah, and those expesnive guns…perhaps they’re used in the highway hold ups, too.

  6. it’s awful to see people die fighting for what they believe is right when this belief is a known wrong..

  7. The issues is a very complicated and sensitive – that it seems incomprehensible. It is a problem for almost 60 years. There is a documentation of the problems which traced back to the 1950’s comprising of almost 500 pages. And it is impossible to post online at once in such a blog like this. What I am interested about is whether it was “overkill” or whether the police story is totally true. Remember that there are two sides of a coin. And I ridicule more those individuals who sold those lands to the those people, now called squatters. Land is life and it’s a moral issue. There is a police update at

  8. Hi Nats,
    Yup, it’s sad when people spend money on guns rather the more important things in life. And you’re right, law enforcers tend to get blamed unfairly sometimes. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    I can’t imagine this thing happening in Baguio. But nothing is impossible really. Thanks.

    Hi Anonymous,
    Hehe, huwag naman shoot at the squatters kasi violence will only breed more violence. But honestly, I don’t know what I will do if I was in that situation. Pero, and maybe this is a blessing in disguise, wala din akong lupa na ma-iisquat. Thanks.

    Hi Edwin,
    You’re right 🙂

    Hi Katy,
    Yup, this is one complicated issue.

  9. to those who are telling that the bodong should be observed regarding the matter….Definitely every leaders will say NO or have already stated that bodong has no obligation with regards to the people who are in active duty ordered by the law…so the police are not liable of any case under the bodong because they are exercising their own duty..the bodong is only applicable when a certain man shot a policeman without any reason or vice versa…everybody who is serving the rule of law of the philippines are not covered by the bodong…because the bodong recognizes the rule of law..

  10. Hi Nats,
    Thanks for clarifying the issue on whether bodong should be applied in this case.

  11. Mga Kababayan,
    Ang nangyaring massacre sa mga magsasaka ay nakikita sa picture na talagang over-kill, biro mo joint ang AFP, PNP, Brgy Tanod, Mayor at mga private Armies nila anga sumalakay sa mga walang kalabanlaban na mahihirap na magsasaka, may mga tangke, mortal at mga high power fire arm na ginagamit pa, may mga food supplies pa. Ito ba ang sagot sa kahirapan? Ang bala ba ang sagot sa tunay na reporma sa lupa? Ang history ng lupa na yan ay sapilitang kinamkam ni VICENTE Madrigal na isang dayuhang HACIENDERO sa mga Indigenous peoples of Gamonang Tribe sa Kalinga noong 1950’s. At ito ay dumaan sa madugong pangangamkam, panununog sa mga bahay, sinaktan nila ang mga ligitimate Indigenous peoples of Gamunang tribe at binilanggo nila ang mga umabot ng 20 kataong tribung gamonang sa Tuao, Cagayan. At ito naman ulit ang kahihinatnan, history repeat itself. Dahil ang pyudalismo at burukrata kapitalismo ang kasalukyang haghahari sa ngayon ginagamit nila ang mga militar para sa sarili nilang kapakanan. Nasaan ba ang programang Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law? ang kabakliktaran ay komprehensibong pagririyan law? Dapat managot si Mayor Dela-Cruz at mga Involved na PNP at AFP.

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