8 thoughts on “The Nurturing Dad”

  1. oh di bah? The ‘ub-ba’ is catching up with the modern world. Its no longer a plain blanket anymore.

  2. Bill, is Juan D released on bail? Siya yata yung nasa picture ah, gamit pa yung umbrella ni JC na nawawala…joke lang. Honestly, I feel so sorry for him, I’ve always thought he didn’t do it and I think now, he’s pleading not guilty. Another twist of events..
    So the trend now in carrying a toddler is in the front? Do you see this in Metro Manila? Cheers..

  3. Hi Lovelyn,
    Oo nga, its getting modern and getting famous too. I’ve seen pictures of Hollywood stars doing “ubba”. Might upload them in the future. Thanks.

    Hi Trublue,
    Hehehe, I think this picture was taken before the JC-JD incident. So its possible that the man is JD but that umbrella won’t be JC’s 🙂

    I still have to see anyone in Manila doing this ‘ubba/aba’ thing. Thanks.

  4. i saw 1 US tabloid with a picture of britney s. carrying her babe that way 🙂 so you’re right, even hollywood thinks it’s cool!

  5. That was a stupid question I asked!
    Forgot all those “artistas” can afford to have as many chimays/chimoys as they please! Baka yung si Marky Cielo may alila na rin. Goodhealth..

  6. This is a nice picture… perfect for the subject: Men’s involvement in RH (reproductive health)…

  7. by the way, Rick Reyes was one of the media trained on RH, Gender and PopDev reporting…


  8. Hi Ferri,
    Tama ka jan 🙂

    Hi Trublue,
    Yup our artistas here live in another planet. Hopefully exception si Marky…. kasi “alien” sa atin ang concept ng pagkakaroon ng sariling alila. Thanks.

    Hi Philmade,
    Thanks for dropping by and for picking up the post… More power to RH advocates!!

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